Why is The Big Bang Theory going off the air?

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How did the Big Bang theory show end?

Actors react emotionally to the end of ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

The successful series
The Big Bang Theory stops after 12 wonderful seasons. The
protagonists of the comic series respond via social media

The recordings of the
twelfth season of
The Big Bang Theory’ are currently in full swing, and those 24 episodes will also make the
his very last. CBS and Warner Bros pull the plug out of the
superpopular series there the actors are pretty much
grief gum.

How much does Sheldon make per episode?

The CBS station thanked the
fans for their years
getting married promised that she’d
will provide a worthy ending to the series. The protagonists who, from the beginning, took on the skin of the meanwhile
epic charactersSheldon, Penny and Raj react exceptionally
saying goodbye through their social media. You’d be for less if you know that the cast for the last few seasons has been
Got $1 million per episode!

Why is The Big Bang Theory going off the air?

Actor Jim Parsons, better known as
Sheldon, would cause the series to stop after 12 seasons. CBS wanted to continue for two more seasons, but according to American media Jim was not there for that. Yet he wrote a
emotional text on his Instagram page.

It’s almost impossible to believe that this is a picture of the first episode of the very last season of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, Jim said. I’m glad we’re allowed to shoot 23 more episodes and I hope by then I realise it’s really done. Something else I’m really thankful for is our
loyal viewers. It’s thanks to you that we were allowed to spend twelve years of our lives in the skin of these characters.


“I’m also grateful for our crew’, Jim continues. Many of them have been with us since day one and bring a certain constant into our lives. They’re always sweet and say friendly hello when we walk on the set. You don’t see them on the screen, but they actually kept this show alive while we’re like
…silly us trying to make somebody laugh. I’m also grateful for all
writers of this show, without you there would literally be no “The Big Bang Theory.

How many episodes of Big Bang theory are left?

The praise for everything and everyone goes on, because Jim thanks too
last but not least, his fellow players. ‘Whether you played in one scene or several episodes, you were all my
playmates I’ve come to love and you’re an important part of my life both on and off the set. We made this other one together,
strange reality that has enriched my life so much. I’ll give you all
more than I can say and more than I realize right now.

Heart breaks

Also Kaley Cuoco, better known as the blonde
Penny, wrote a farewell speech on her social media. “This experience was a
dream come true,’ says Kaley on Instagram. “As soon as it would end, my
cardiac output
break at the parting. With tears in my eyes, I promise you that now we’ll get the
the very best season of stork recording. Thanks to everyone who’s supported us all these years. We’re gonna go with one

Kunal Nayyar also says goodbye to his character with pain in his heart
Raj. “I love you all very much,” Kunal writes. “Without your fans, we could never have existed. I’m incredibly
“grateful. With a top cast like that, all that love and the promise that it’s a
We can’t wait for that twelfth season!

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