why is the big bang theory getting cancelled

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why was big bang theory cancelled

why was big bang theory cancelled


This is why The Big Bang Theory stops
A while ago the news came out that the popular series The Big Bang Theory was going to stop after the twelfth season. It soon became clear that actor Jim Parsons, who plays the role of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, played a role in ending the series. A new interview has now revealed why Jim Parsons decided to quit The Big Bang Theory.


why was big bang theory cancelled


Sheldon Cooper is perhaps the most beloved character of The Big Bang Theory, and without Sheldon, the series can’t go on. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jim Parsons explains why he decided to quit: “Actually, it’s pretty simple. I felt it was time to quit. I don’t have any negative reasons to quit. But we’ve been doing the series for twelve years, and it feels like we’ve run out of cake. It feels like the right time in my life to quit. I don’t know what’s next, I don’t have any specific projects I’m working on. That, on the other hand, is also very exciting. What’s the next chapter in my life? What’s the next chapter for all of us? The end of the series will be very sad, even though I am happy that the series will end. It’s still hard to say goodbye to the people you’ve worked with for so long.”

Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki (Leonard) and Kaley Cuoco (Penny) were asked how they would like to see the end of the series. All three answered that they would like to see the elevator finally made.

Johnny Galecki adds that the end of the series will be very emotional. During the interview he got it almost too heavy himself and he could barely hold back his tears. Watch the interview below (from 1:15):

When exactly the last episode will be shown hasn’t been announced yet. Of course we’re very sorry that the series is going to stop, but fortunately we can still enjoy the spin-off Young Sheldon!

What do you think about The Big Bang Theory stopping?

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