what are the most popular series to watch on netflix

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what are the most popular series to watch on netflix

what are the most popular series to watch on netflix

Endless bingen: the 14 best series on Netflix with lots of seasons.
If you suddenly have lots of free time, you can do a lot with it. For example, renovate your house, learn to play an instrument, start painting or start a study. Or you can pour a glass of soda and grab a tray of chips and start banging a full tray. The latter option sounds very attractive, which is why we have selected the best binge material on Netflix for you.

If you still have the time and don’t have to (or may) go anywhere, then this is the ideal time to dive into a series with many seasons. That huge mountain of episodes you used to look up to are just what you need. A long-running series that you can get stuck in outdoors for the time being. On Netflix there are more than enough to find.

The best series on Netflix with many seasons
Much is of course a relative concept and for this list we do not use a rock-solid lower limit. We just went looking for series that we enjoyed watching and that you can easily spend many hours on. And of course they must be found on Netflixte.

1. Breaking Bad
5 seasons

Of course we start with one of the best series on Netflix. Breaking Badis simply brilliant and therefore a must-see. If you have the time, then as a series lover you are obliged to (re)watch this series.

2. Community
6 seasons

Recently one of the better, but for many still unknown comedy series is on Netflix. Community is about a very diverse study group at a community college. Together they try to get a diploma and that goes hand in hand with a lot of humour. A unique comedy series that sometimes rubs up against the absurdist.

3. Peaky Blinders
5 seasons

Tommy Shelby and his gang have been around for a while now. Their battle for Birmingham has been going on for five seasons now. This exciting crime series is incredibly compelling and therefore perfect for banging. Especially now that the production of season six has been stopped for the time being, you might as well go and watch it all over again.

4. Friends
10 seasons

There is no end to the rumours that Friends of Netflix is going to disappear, but at the time of writing the legendary series is still on the books. Probably you’ve seen all the episodes a dozen times already, so why watch it all again? Well, just because Friends is brilliant.

5. Sons of Anarchy
7 season

When the third season Sons of Anarchyver seemed this was the best watched series of the moment. Yet the series never really broke through here. That’s a shame, because this crime series about a motorcycle gang is very strong. Perfect if you have a lot of time in the coming period, because each season lasts at least ten hours.

6. How I Met Your Mother
9 seasons

Friendser all the way through and not laughed enough? This wonderful comedy series managed to last nine seasons and is, despite a lousy ending, one of the most entertaining series on Netflix. Or as Barney would say, “it’s Legen- wait for it…. Dairy! Legendary!”

7. House of Cards
6 seasons

The very first Netflix Original was released on 1 February 2013 and it is still one of the best streaming services ever made. The story of Francis Underwood and his raid on the presidency is brilliant. It’s an eternal shame that this must-see didn’t get the end it deserved.

8. The Big Bang Theory
10 seasons

We had to wait a long time for it, but in 2019 The Big Bang Theoryop Netflix finally appeared. The long-running series about four smart nerds with limited social skills looks great and can be mentioned in the same breath as Friends and How I Met Your Mother.

9. Vikings
5 seasons

Are series like The Last Kingdom, Game of Thrones, Spartacusen The Witcher all your thing? Then you should definitely crank Viking once. This action-packed series is driven by strong characters and is full of plot twists. All seasons are now on Netflix and the streaming service is now itself busy with a spin-off, so this is the moment to start banging Vikingste.

10. Suits
9 seasons (of which 7 on Netflix)

Although Netflix is lagging behind America here, seven seasons of this popular series of lawyers have been waiting for you. Suitsweet drama and comedy combine perfectly and have become one of the most popular series of the last few years.

11. Better Call Saul
5 seasons

You’d almost forget that this Breaking Badspin-off has been running as long as the original series. Better Call Saul tells the life story of our favorite lawyer Saul Goodman and gives fans exactly what they want. So if you still have time left after Breaking Bad, go ahead with Better Call Saul.

12. Homeland
8 seasons (of which 7 on Netflix)

Are you looking for excitement, conspiracy theories and are you looking with above average interest at the American war on terror? Then forget all the series above and go look at Homeland. This incredibly exciting series won’t let you go and so you’ll always crave for the next episode. Luckily there are enough on Netflix

13. That ’70s Show
8 seasons

It’s been almost 22 years since the first episode of That ’70s Show appeared on the tube. Still, because the series is set at the end of the 70s, it’s still very easy to watch. Not very dated and above all still very entertaining.

14. Mad Men
7 seasons

Don Draper and his struggle to stay afloat in the advertising world of the 1960s managed to hold out for seven seasons. All of these can still be found on Netflixen. So if you have any time left, try this fantastic series starring Jon Hamm.

Netflix series that you can quickly bingen
Aren’t you looking for a long relationship, but do you fancy a short adventure? Then check out Netflix for these eight exciting mini-series that can get you hooked on a weekend (or a day if you’re a fanatic). Already seen it all on Netflixin? Then try Amazon Prime Video. This streaming service is ridiculously cheap and is full of fantastic originals.

Endless bingen: the 14 best series on Netflix with lots of seasons.


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