Movie review: Young Sheldon, season 1

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Movie review: Young Sheldon, season 1
You probably know the comedy series The Big Bang Theory, in which a group of gifted people try to take on the rest of the world, who simply don’t understand them. The series has been aired on television for several years now and can now also be seen in full on Netflix. But although we now experience the men as adults, they were of course once young as well. Even the self-righteous Sheldon, according to the spin-off comedy series Young Sheldon.

Young Sheldon Cooper
The Young Sheldon, season 1, takes place in 1989. Here, Sheldon is a small 9-year-old boy who goes on to the tough high school in his hometown, Medford, Texas. His father George is a simple football coach at his new high school. He doesn’t understand anything about his youngest son and prefers to hang out with his older brother, who is a few years older and is also in high school. Sheldon’s twin sister often plays the whole situation cleverly and is the cheerful note in the family. The caring and pious Mary does what she can to protect her maverick. She allows him a lot, which makes Sheldon’s life quite carefree. The conversations between her and Sheldon in the car, on her way to school, are heartwarming.

Growing up a genius
Apparently, growing up as a genius isn’t as easy at all – with quite a few character traits that don’t make you instantly loved by those around you. That environment is used regularly. For example, Sheldon’s grandmother lives opposite them: the sarcastic alcoholic is literally a child at home. She is regularly asked to watch out, which she does with fresh reluctance. Also the man from the Radio Shack comes up every now and then, as well as the pastor whose church the family visits. They all give their unsalted (and often dry-comed) opinions. This is also the credo of this film: the sometimes painful and uncomfortable situations in which Sheldon ends up are treated with a comic slant, as you know from The Big Bang Theory. Jim Parsons, who plays the adult Sheldon in the series, speaks a suitable voice-over, provides the series with commentary and cooperated as executive producer.


Review of The Young Sheldon, season 1
The Young Sheldon is a spin-off of The Big Bang Theory. It takes place in Texas, far away from all the other players in the series. You won’t meet many other acquaintances, it’s all about the young maverick. He plays his role well, just like the other players by the way. The stories are short and delimited, clear and with the regular dry humour impregnated. As far as I’m concerned that humour factor could have been used a bit more, but that doesn’t alter the fact that it is a very nice series. Especially for fans of The Big Bang Theory, but also if you are unfamiliar with it, this is a nice series. And of course it is a trip down memory lane!

Score: 7

The Young Sheldon, Warner Bros.
Duration: 450 minutes, comedy.
Age: from 6 years old.

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