tbs big bang theory trivia

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big bang theory trivia

big bang theory trivia

The Big Bang Theory
You don’t have to be a scholar to see that The Big Bang Theory is a resounding success. The sitcom, with Kaley Cuoco (Penny) in one of the leading roles, starts a new, seventh season.

What do you think of your character Penny?
“She’s great in one word. That girl is so incredibly sweet, she doesn’t hurt a fly.”

Will her acting career ever get off the ground again?
“I always thought it would be fun for Penny if she went on a soap opera to improve her acting career. Anyway, below the line, I guess she’ll never be a professional actress… She’ll have to leave the Cheesecake Factory, she’s had it there.”

Did you think The Big Bang Theory would have such an impact?
“I knew it from the very first episode. Seriously! At the time, what we were making was so much fun, entertaining and different from other series. In addition, we had an incredible cast and very funny stories to tell. My gut told me this was all going to fit together. Thank God I was right!”

Which actor would you like to add to the cast?
“I’d love it if Lisa Kudrow from Friends were to play. I shout this in every interview hoping she’ll read it and ask the creators for a role. She’ll be able to play my mother.”

Penny’s mother is the only mother of all the characters who hasn’t come into the picture yet…
“Exactly! I’ve already got it all in my head what that’s supposed to look like. Suppose Lisa gets it, she can play a cougar, that’d be so funny.”

The Big Bang Theory will be recorded with a live audience?
“We don’t have a laughing band, just real people. Sometimes that’s a problem. For example when a joke doesn’t catch on and we as actors are waiting for the audience to laugh. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, the writers of the series run from darkness onto the set and almost immediately have thirty new ideas ready. In the end, they always manage to get people laughing.”

Finally, can nerds be sexy?!
“Absolutely. Clever is attractive.”


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