11 amazing Big Bang Theory facts

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11 amazing Big Bang Theory facts

11 amazing Big Bang Theory facts

11 amazing Big Bang Theory facts
Everyone knows that Sheldon and Amy have sex once a year and that Raj will never get a sweetheart. But did you know these 11 banging facts about The Big Bang Theory?!

1. Amy’s real life intellect

Actress Mayim Bialik is the only one in the group who also obtained her PhD in neuroscience in real life. The other actors aren’t fools either, but Amy stands out.

2. Soft Kitty

Sheldon’s favorite song is an existing Australian children’s song. Producer Bill Prady heard his daughter sing the song after her Australian teacher taught it to the children. The real song has two more verses

3. Penny’s secret

All male characters, except Howard, have already seen Penny completely naked in the series. However, Howard was the first to flirt with Penny.

4. Sheldon’s T-shirts

Sheldon regularly wears the same T-shirts in the series, but each time in a different bright color. These colours are linked to his emotions. For example, if he wears a red t-shirt in an episode, his main feeling will be ‘anger’.

5. Bazinga at

In 2012 Brazilian scientists discovered a new species: the Euglossa Bazinga. The bee was named after Sheldon’s catchphrase (when he makes a joke) Bazinga.

6. Jim Carson’s disease

In the series you never see Sheldon driving a car because he likes to be driven around. This doesn’t correspond at all with his real life: he hates being driven around because he gets nauseous in the car when he’s not allowed to drive!

7. The number 73

You may have noticed that the number 73 is regularly on Sheldon’s T-shirt. It’s Sheldon’s favorite song he says in episode 73. What you may not have known is that there’s actually a meaning to the number 73. Parson, who plays Sheldon, was born in 1973.

8. Sheldon’s sexuality

In real life, Sheldon married his partner Todd Spiewak in 2017. We hope they experience more action than Amy and Sheldon.

9. The elevator

There’s only 1 elevator door and 1 set of stairs on the set. So when the actors walk up and down the stairs to their apartments, it’s the same stairs they climb four times.

10. Soulmates

Every time a female character makes her appearance in the series, she is first addressed by her soulmate. For example, Penny was first addressed by Leonard, Amy by Sheldon and Bernadette by Howard.

11. Penny’s last name

After 10 seasons, we still don’t know what Penny’s last name is. When she was married to Zack, her last name was Johnson for a while. When this marriage failed, she married Leonard and was called Penny Hofstadter.

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