What should I watch on Netflix ?

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What should I watch on Netflix 2020?

What should I watch on Netflix 2020?


Bingewatchers pay attention! These Netflix series have a lot of seasons!
Are you a professional binge guard and do you always have series out in a few days? Then these series are perfect for you. They have a lot of seasons, so you won’t have them out in a week. Grab the chips and coke, because with these great series you’ll be sweet for a while.

1. Grace and Frankie (6 seasons)
Grace and Frankie have known each other for years. Their husbands run a law firm together, but the ladies don’t really get along very well. When they’re having dinner, the men have to make a confession. They turn out to be gay and have had a secret relationship with each other for years. They want a divorce from their wives to go on together. Grace and Frankie don’t know what’s happening to them and their world is turned upside down after that announcement. To find peace and quiet, both ladies want to move into a beach house, which they both think is theirs. There their new life as single women starts.

2. Orange Is The New Black (7 seasons)
New Yorker Piper Chapman has to go to a women’s prison because she was caught years ago with a suitcase full of drug money from her friend Alex Vause. She is an international drug trafficker and Piper’s former lover. She has to get through fifteen months in prison. This is where she meets her fellow inmates, all of whom ended up here for different reasons. Piper is trying to find her place in this new world and this is not without a fight.

3. How I Met Your Mother (9 Seasons)
A love story in reverse. The story is told by Ted Moseby in the future, who in the year 2030 tells his children how he met their mother. The story begins in 2005 and follows Ted’s quest for the love of his life and the lives of his best friends Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin.

4. The Blacklist (6 seasons)

Raymond “Red” Reddington is one of the most wanted criminals in the world. One day, he volunteered at FBI headquarters. He says he wants to help the police stop all the dangerous terrorists and criminals that the FBI and CIA cannot find. In those 20 years, he has compiled a list of criminals who are much more dangerous than anyone thinks. His condition is that he only wants to speak to Elizabeth Keen, a young inexperienced FBI agent.

5. The Big Bang Theory (12 seasons)
We follow the lives of four friends Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Rajesh. They all work at Caltech. All four real nerds who love math and physics. They speak different languages and all have a high IQ. In their spare time they mainly play computer games, read comics and enjoy watching science fiction movies and/or series. Because of their discomfort and nerdy interests, they often create hilarious situations.

6. Gilmore Girls (7 seasons)
Lorelai Gilmore’s life was already mapped out for her, but she is stubborn and should have nothing at all of the world her rich parents live in. At the age of sixteen she gets pregnant by her boyfriend Christopher Hayden, who has the same attitude as Lorelai. While their parents are negotiating a marriage, Christopher and Lorelai look at it. Lorelai has a daughter, whom she names after herself. Because Lorelai does not want the child to stop Christopher’s ambitions, she decides to raise her daughter alone.

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