‘The Big Bang Theory’ Cast Together For One Final Time

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Today is the day, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ ends after more than ten years. For twelve seasons, the American CBS program was the channel’s biggest success, but all good things come to an end. The last episode will be broadcasted in the United States today.

From “what a strange opening song” to “there’s no ‘Big Bang’ without singing the opening song”, no one expected the sitcom about a group of geeky friends to become the ‘Friends’ of the new generation. But tonight it’s over, because then the very last episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ will be aired.

Parsons doesn’t have to complain about ‘The Big Bang Theory’ though. The show made him the best earning TV actor in the world. He gets 26 million dollars a season. All actors are also entitled to compensation every time the show is aired again, so they can be pretty sure that they will still be warm after the stop of the show, just like they were with the colleagues of ‘Friends’.

Writer Eric Kaplan promises at least a fitting ending for his characters. “It’s going to be very surprising, but also very, very emotionally satisfying for all the fans.” Just a little more patience, then, and we’ll find out for ourselves!

Not the only geeky series that stops
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