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Why one whim of protagonist Jim Parsons meant the end of ‘The Big Bang Theory’?

The Big Bang Theory’ has been one of the most successful shows from TV-land for over ten years. Nevertheless, the series is coming to a definitive end today and that end was heralded by protagonist Jim Parsons (46). Although none of the cast and crew actually wanted to stop, the actor suddenly thought otherwise.

In August of last year the verdict fell: the 12th season of the successful sitcom will definitely be the last. Negotiations were held about a sequel of at least two seasons, but suddenly that didn’t happen anymore. And that decision was in the hands of protagonist Jim Parson, who has been in Sheldon Cooper’s shoes from the start. Because during the shooting he suddenly got a whim of wanting to do something else, it was decided to let the whole series come to an end.

Arguing behind the scenes?
Jim Parsons emphasizes that there is no arguing or resentment behind the scenes. “There were no other factors involved. There were no situations that I thought I’d had enough of. No, it wasn’t like that at all. When I knew, I just knew.” “I was prone to change and I reached a certain age when your life suddenly changed and you just started thinking differently. It’s fascinating to think about who I was twelve years ago. I’m not the same person anymore. It got harder and harder for me, I just completely changed.”

His infatuation marked the end of the series. Although the makers of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ definitely saw a future in the series, they didn’t want to continue without Sheldon Cooper. “I couldn’t imagine that we’d continue without the whole group. That’s an idea I would never feel comfortable with,” responds writer and creator Chuck Lorre. “I’ve seen the other series try, to continue while one of the characters has disappeared. But they never succeeded.”

Valve size
The very last episode, which will last an hour, promises to be a great finale. “Sheldon and Amy get big news, Bernadette and Wolowitz leave their children alone for the first time, Penny and Leonard try to keep a secret, Sheldon and Amy join forces and Koothrappali makes new friends”, the inventor winkles. “And then their journey to an indefinite future begins.”

So the series ends after twelve seasons, bringing the total number of episodes to 279. It makes ‘The Big Bang Theory’ the sitcom once recorded with multiple cameras. The series was nominated for an Emmy Award a total of 52 times and actually managed to get away with a prize ten times.

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