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What is written at the end of the big bang theory?


Big Bang Theory: What comes at the end?
Does Sheldon’s dream come true?

Fair enough, but that still doesn’t explain how Sheldon & Co. go off stage. The fans already expressed numerous wishes for the end of the series. For example, that Sheldon receives the Nobel Prize he’s dreamed of for so long. Or that Leonard and Penny become parents. There is one detail that most people agree on: The elevator, the eternal running gag since the first episode, should finally work. But that would be an idea for an ending to the series: Not just the elevator, the house itself with the shared apartment, the home shared by Sheldon and Leonard for at least the first couple of seasons, is one of the great constants of the TV series. And they now have to leave this central place. Our series heroes have to move out (because the house will be torn down, the nerds’ careers part ways – take your pick). At a big farewell party there is a last showcase of popular guest stars. But that’s not enough for the grand finale: You need a big bang to match the title. Sheldon wants to impress the party guests with an experiment, quasi as a midnight interlude – but it goes thoroughly wrong. The physics geniuses torch the place, or even more radically, they shoot themselves into another dimension …

Spock’s words of farewell

No, it’s not gonna work out. It’s clear that we’re going to fail miserably at the end of the series. Let the highly paid writers from the production company worry about that. They are much more creative, they know much more about their craft. We let ourselves be surprised, but our expectations are high. No matter how The Big Bang Theory ends: we bid farewell to all performers with the words of Mr Spock: “Live long and prosper”. At least virtually, they should be assured of a long life.

For those who are already eagerly awaiting the big series finale and do not want to wait for the free-TV premiere: A1 TV will be offering the latest episodes of the 12th twelfth and final season on a weekly basis from 26.9. onwards – directly after the US broadcast.


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