How much do the big bang theory cast get paid?

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How much do the big bang theory cast get paid?


“Big Bang Theory” stars: one million per episode
The shooting for the eighth season of the TV series “Big Bang Theory” can continue. Three actors have prevailed with their demand for a higher salary. Further seasons could also follow.


How much does Kaley Cuoco make for big bang theory?


According to the US media, three stars of the successful series “Big Bang Theory” have prevailed with their demand for a fee of one million US dollars (744,300 euros) per episode, while the actors Jim Parsons (Sheldon), Johnny Galecki (Leonard) and Kaley Cuoco (Penny) have so far received 325,000 dollars (245,000 euros) per episode.

In addition to the higher fee, they have negotiated a new three-year contract with Warner Brothers TV, reports the US trade journal “Deadline”. They were also promised an eleventh season of the sitcom.

According to “Deadline”, the future million-dollar salary of Parsons, Galecki and Cuoco is comparable to the mega salary of the former “Friends” stars. Twitter and Facebook have had mixed reactions:

Some users feel the fee is excessive. “Greed in its worst form,” writes Christian Kneier on the series’ Facebook page. Others find the higher fees of the actors – measured by the success of the sitcom – justified.


Who is the highest paid on Big Bang Theory?


The show makes billions for the bosses, not exactly greedy,” writes user Yibiao Wang, “and will Howard and Raj also get more money? The other two main actors, Simon Helberg (“Howard”) and Kunal Nayyar (“Raj”), also want significantly more money.

They are now hoping for an agreement on their salaries until the planned start of shooting for the eighth season on Wednesday. In the USA, the popular sitcom will continue to be broadcast on CBS from September 22. The last two seasons averaged 20 million viewers.

Fans in this country can also look forward to new episodes: ORF will broadcast new episodes of the seventh “Big Bang Theory” season on Saturdays from 13 September. In Europe, the new episodes will start on 8 September.

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