Why did Big Bang Theory end?

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Farewell to the nerds
For 279 episodes, TV viewers have remained loyal to the nerds of ” The Big Bang Theory”. On this Monday, 25th November from 20:15, ProSieben will show the final episodes of the series. Before that, however, the channel will give the successful sitcom a proper send-off. Even after that, the fans will not have to give it up completely.

The countdown to the final episode

The final day is all about the clique around Sheldon (Jim Parsons), Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Co. Before the 23rd episode of the twelfth season (“The No Constant Catastrophe”) is broadcast at 8:15 pm and the very last episode (“The Stockholm Syndrome”) at 8:45 pm, ProSiebenden will show 24 highlight episodes from all “The Big Bang Theory” seasons throughout the day. The magazine “taff” (5 p.m.), the news programme “Newstime” (6 p.m.) and the knowledge magazine “Galileo” (7:05 p.m.) take a break for this.

What happens in the grand finale

In the USA the last episode “The Stockholm Syndrome” was broadcast on May 16. Subsequently, the trip to Stockholm for the ceremonial award of the Nobel Prize in Physics for Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) is imminent. During the flight Penny (Kaley Cuoco) has to fight with nausea again and again. Sheldon then has a panic attack because he fears she is sick and could ruin his big day. The mood is in the basement, because Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), Howard (Simon Helberg) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) also get to feel Sheldon’s moods, so that they want to leave right after their arrival in Sweden…

What happens next?

“TBBT”-fans can comfort themselves about the end of the series in different ways. For one thing, ProSieben is showing “Bye Bye Big Bang Theory- Das Special” on December 2 (20:15-20:45). In the documentary, the stars of the series, Kaley Cuoco (33) and Johnny Galecki (44), offer an exciting and emotional look behind the scenes of the cult series. They take the viewer on a tour through the studio and remember stories from twelve years of “The Big Bang Theory”.

In addition, the nerds continue to have a firm grip on the station’s program. During the week, ProSieben shows three old “TBBT” episodes in the afternoon each week, which are repeated the following morning. In addition, four episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” will be broadcast on Monday evening.

New episodes of “Young Sheldon”

With “Young Sheldon”, “TBBT” already has a successful offshoot, which has also been shown in Germany since January 2018. The series tells of Sheldon’s childhood and his life as a highly intelligent student of a high school where he is promoted several grades. Just like in his home country USA, “Young Sheldon” was very well received by fans of the quirky character, played by Iain Armitage (11). On November 18th the series, which Jim Parsons is working on as narrator and executive producer, celebrated the finale of the second season on ProSieben. The third season is currently running on CBS in the USA, a fourth has already been confirmed. German viewers can therefore also hope to celebrate a reunion with Sheldon.

Those who don’t want to miss the actors of the original series can follow them in their further projects. Jim Parsons (46) will appear in the Netflix remake “Die Harten und die Zarten” in 2020. He also works together with Mayim Bialik (43) for “Carla”, the comedy show is supposed to start on TV in autumn 2020. Bialik realizes her film “As Sick As They Made Us” as a scriptwriter and director, in which colleague Simon Helberg (38) will take on a role. Johnny Galecki will be seen again as David Healy in the second season of “The Conners”. Kaley Cuoco produces the series “The Flight Attendant” for the streaming service HBO Max and plays the leading role in it. Kunal Nayyar (38) will take on a speaking role in the animated film “Trolls 2” in 2020. Melissa Rauch (39) was last seen in the satire “The Money Laundering”.


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