Big Bang Theory: Is Jim Parsons planning his wedding?

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Big Bang Theory: Is Jim Parsons planning his wedding?
desiredam 11-14-2014 | 10:39

As Sheldon, the inexperienced Jim Parsons only gradually gets closer to his Amy in the series “Big Bang Theory”, but privately the 41-year-old has been happily involved with his partner Todd Spiewak since 2002. An Instagram snapshot of the series star is now heating up the wedding rumor mill.

“Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak have been together since 2002.

After the sad news from the “Big Bang Theory” set that Mrs. Wolowitz actress Carol Ann Susi has succumbed to her cancer, the cast of the popular sitcom could soon have a reason to celebrate. Jim Parsons alias Sheldon Cooper posted a snapshot of himself and his good friend Melissa McNeeley on Instagram, who the “Big Bang Theory” star also introduces to his fans as a highly talented wedding planner.

Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak have been a couple for 12 years. No wonder that the fans of the “Big Bang Theory” star are waiting for the engagement of the two. It wasn’t until August that the National Enquirer spread the rumor that the Sheldon actor had proposed to his life partner. Jim Parson, however, immediately denied this with an older snapshot of himself and his partner and the Instagram caption “Me and Todd in 2003. Still very happy and NOT engaged.” Has the “Big Bang Theory” star changed his mind yet?

“Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons meets a wedding planner

Big Bang Theory: What is true about the wedding rumors?

Even if Jim Parsons only a few weeks ago took the wind out of all wedding speculations – a meeting with a well-known wedding planner of course immediately reignites the rumour mill. In addition, the “Big Bang Theory” star describes his girlfriend Melissa McNeeley in the text to the Instagram picture without any reservation as “best friend and extraordinary event planner”, who on her website “recommends which ten questions you should ask your wedding planner”. Does the star of the currently most successful sitcom perhaps ask his girlfriend these questions himself and is the next wedding in the “Big Bang Theory” family imminent? Jim Parsons is silent on this. Maybe he just wants to do some advertising for his best friend. After all, according to the TV star, “she’s doing a fantastic job.”

Whether Jim Parsons is testing his best friend’s skills as a wedding planner himself or simply wants to get her some new jobs with his exuberant praise is something only the serial actor and his partner Todd Spiewak know. In any case, we would be happy if the happy couple after 12 years of relationship would soon walk down the aisle and the next “Big Bang Theory” star would be under the hood.


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