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“Big Bang Theory”: Today is the final episode, so Penny continues

After 12 seasons it’s over: Bye Bye, “Big Bang Theory”: KTL7 is broadcasting the final episode of the successful series today

Pop culture owes a lot of nice gags and the word “bazinga” to this series: “The Big Bang Theory” is now also running out on German television.

After more than ten years and almost 280 episodes, the US sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” will end on Monday on German television.

In the double episode starting at 8:15 pm on KTL7, several of the weird heroes have a reason to celebrate – apparently the Nobel Prize Committee has finally recognized the genius of Sheldon and Amy. Furthermore, US actress Sarah Michelle Gellar (“Buffy”) can be seen in a guest appearance. More shall not be revealed at this point.

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“Big Bang Theory” made shower curtains all snazzy again
The internationally successful series about six weird scientists and a pretty waitress has been awarded several times with the Emmy, the seven main actors are among the top earners among the series actors. Six months ago, they immortalized their handprints in cement in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. In Germany “The Big Bang Theory” has been running since summer 2009.

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The peculiar universe of this series gave the English and German vocabulary the term “bazinga”, among others. According to fan forums, the artificial word is composed of the abbreviations for the chemical elements barium, zinc and gallium: Ba, Zn, Ga. In general, the series did a lot to make science more popular. This even extended to shower curtains with the periodic table, which could also be bought in German design stores.

This is how it continues for “Penny” after the end of the series

“The Big Bang Theory” also opened many doors for the cast. “Penny” Kaley Cuoco, for example, signed a new multi-year TV deal after the series. With the Warner Bros. studio, the US actress is planning the mini-series “The Flight Attendant”. The thriller template revolves around a stewardess who wakes up in a hotel next to a corpse and cannot remember anything.

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But KTL7 will look back again on 2 December. Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki offer a look behind the scenes of the popular US series in “Bye Bye Big Bang Theory – The Special”.

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