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Big Bang Theory: You can meet Kaley Cuoco at the German Comic Con!

Getty ImagesIn 2020 the German Comic Con will again open its doors in various German cities. This time with us: “The Big Bang Theory”-Star Kaley Cuoco!

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The Big Bang Theory” was hardly passed in the past twelve years. Over time, the sitcom from the USA has become one of the most popular titles on US television, which also has a large fan base in this country. Although it is now

but the adventures of Sheldon and Co. won’t disappear from people’s minds that quickly – especially since the last episodes are still to be broadcast in Germany. As announced on the homepage of the German Comic Con, local fans can look forward to a very special treat: Kaley Cuoco is coming to visit!


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Kaley Cuoco in Germany: Autographs and photos available
Kaley Cuoco had been in the role of Penny, the neighbor of the central nerds, since the very first episode of “The Big Bang Theory”. In this role she became an absolute superstar and now she will visit Germany. More precisely: The German Comic Con Spring Edition in Dortmund. This will take place on 4 and 5 April 2020 at the exhibition centre, tickets can be booked now.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known exactly when and for how long Cuoco will be present. What is certain, however, is that there will be an opportunity to be very close to the star, get an autograph and even take a photo together. But you should bring a little bit of money with you: The early bird ticket for an autograph costs 80 Euros, for a photo you have to pay 90 Euros – but when will Cuoco enter German soil again next time? Exactly. So fans should make the best possible use of this opportunity.

At the moment fans are still waiting for the last remaining episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” to be broadcast on ProSieben. In autumn 2019 it will continue, a sequel in September seems very likely. In order to heat up the anticipation a little bit, fans of the series can currently

vote on the best episodes of the sitcom.


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