Will There Be Big Bang Theory Season 13?

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“Big Bang Theory”: That’s what the stars are doing today

On April 30th Johnny Galecki celebrates his 45th birthday. For about twelve years he played Dr. Leonard Hofstadter in the US sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”. But what are Galecki and the rest of the “Big Bang” cast doing today? © spot on news

Among the nerds from “The Big Bang Theory” Johnny Galecki alias Dr. Leonard Hofstadter is still the most normal one. The experimental physicist gets relatively many women, which is also due to the fact that he falls in love very quickly. This is also the case with blonde Penny, whom the comic freak marries later in the series. © imago images/Mary Evans

Besides his character as Leonard Hofstadter Galecki was especially known for his role of David Healy in “Roseanne”. Since 2018, he can be seen again as Healy in the corresponding spin-off “The Conners”. Johnny Galecki is also working as executive producer on the eSports comedy series “The Squad”. With his girlfriend, the model Alaina Meyer, the actor had a son last year. © imago images/Independent Photo Agency/Kathy Hutchins

Leonard’s later wife Penny (Kaley Cuoco) is the exact opposite of the geeky scientists. She actually moved to California from Nebraska to become an actress, but has been working as a waitress ever since. In addition, the initially clichéd blonde is the nerds’ neighbor and offends them with her naivety and social competence. © imago images/Mary Evans

In the animated DC series “Harley Quinn”, Kaley Cuoco is the voice of the ex-Joker girlfriend of the same name. The series started in November 2019 in the USA. In the thriller series “The Flight Attendant” she plays the flight attendant Cassandra Bowden – start date is still unknown. In her private life the actress is also doing well – she recently moved in with her husband Karl Cook. © imago images/APress

As Sheldon Cooper, Jim Parsons establishes the epitome of the nerd. Even though a test for mental illness turned out negative, Sheldon in the US sitcom provides a lot of evidence for extremely abnormal behaviour. With his know-it-all attitude he drives his roommates to despair, he doesn’t understand sarcasm, suffers from germ phobia and regulatory mania and has to make a plan for everything. Nevertheless, the highly intelligent physicist is extremely likeable. © imago images/Mary Evans

There is even a prequel series for Jim Parsons cult figure from “The Big Bang Theory”. In “Young Sheldon” Parsons is the narrator of the adult Sheldon. As a producer he was involved in the Netflix series “A Special Life”. In addition, he can be seen as an actor in the drama “The Boys In The Band” and in the Netflix series “Hollywood” probably starting in May. © imago images / ZUMA Press / Billy Bennight

Simon Helberg slipped into the role of engineer Howard Wolowitz, who is the only one from the headstrong group who does not have a doctorate and who is regularly heard to say that, especially from Sheldon. In the course of the series Howard flirts with Bernadette, but before that he had no luck with women for a long time. He also lives with his mother, with whom he actually wants to move out, but can’t say it because of his need for harmony. © imago images/Mary Evans

After the end of the series it was quiet around Simon Helberg for the time being. In the musical drama “Annette” by Leo’s Carax he will be seen in front of the camera alongside Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard. He will also appear in the directing debut of his “Big Bang” colleague Mayim Bialik, “As Sick As They Made Us”. © imago images/UPI Photo

Dr. Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar), better “Raj”, has long been so shy that he can only talk to women under the influence of alcohol. The astrophysicist with Indian roots often tries to cover up this insecurity with a superimposed arrogance. The eternal bachelor is Howard’s best friend. © imago images/Mary Evans

Nayyar had more comedy appearances afterwards. For example, he introduced the troll Guy Diamond in the animated film “Trolls 2 – Trolls World Tour”. He will also be seen in the upcoming movie “Think Like a Dog”. But Kunal Nayyar also ventured into serious roles: In the drama “Sweetness In The Belly” from 2019 he plays Dr. Robin Sathi alongside Dakota Fanning. © imago images/Vibrant Pictures

Bernadette Rostenkowski (l., Melissa Rauch) is a microbiologist and known to “big bang” fans for her slightly annoying voice. Penny couples Bernadette with Howard. At first he doesn’t want a steady relationship with her – but later she becomes the woman of his dreams. The two marry and have two children.

Similar to her colleagues, Melissa Rauch also continued to climb the career ladder after “The Big Bang Theory”. She lent Francine her voice to “Ice Age – Collision Ahead!” (2016) and Harley Quinn for “Batman and Harley Quinn” (2017). In 2019 she also appeared in the feature film “The Money Laundering”. In 2017 she became mother of a daughter. © imago images / Pacific Press Agency

Neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) has a lot in common with Sheldon: She doesn’t think much of romantic relationships and she doesn’t attach much importance to social contacts. Raj and Howard finally set Amy and Sheldon up with each other via a dating website – and surprisingly, it turns out to be the love of their lives: they get married and win the Nobel Prize. © imago images/Prod.DB

Mayim Bialik also has a lot to do with science in real life: the actress has a doctorate in neuroscience. After “The Big Bang Theory” she was only occasionally seen in films and on TV. But she successfully runs the blog “Grok Nation” and a YouTube channel. Together with Jim Parsons she is also producing the series “Carla”, which is scheduled to start in autumn 2020. © Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

For a whole twelve seasons Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard, Raj, Bernadette and Amy entertained the TV audience with “The Big Bang Theory”. On May 16, 2019 the last two episodes of the series were shown in the USA, and after a total of 279 episodes it ended – a record! Press/Kay Blake

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