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Bazinga! The 12 best Sheldon Cooper GIFs from Big Bang Theory
Dr. Sheldon Cooper is a theoretical physicist, has an IQ of 187 and is an avowed railway enthusiast. He’s also one of the main characters in The Big Bang Theory. We’ve compiled the 12 best Sheldon Cooper GIFs from the web, with scenes from the series’ first seven seasons.

Dr. Cooper is a fan of fantasy games. In the computer game Age of Conan, he is registered as Sheldon the Conqueror. But he also likes to play board games like “Dungeons & Dragons” with his friends. He also invented his own version of “Scissors, Rock, Paper”: “Scissors – Rock – Paper – Lizard – Spock”.

Sheldon also uses the Halloween party of his neighbor Penny to teach the “not-so-smart guests” something. So he disguised himself as a “Doppler effect” and also gave acoustic mnemonics.

Despite his efforts to teach other people, this does not always work. This circumstance causes the physicist to show pity.

Although Sheldon is an excellent physicist, he has his problems with social conventions. He doesn’t understand jokes and sarcasm, and his attempts to make a cool statement are rarely successful.

In spite of everything he always tries very hard to behave appropriately.

Even though Sheldon doesn’t like to go out, he has been able to perfect his dancing skills over the years and has also made his long-term girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler happy.

Another characteristic of Dr. Cooper is his honesty. He always says what he thinks and also likes to comment on the behaviour of his friends. That way, you can tell exactly when Sheldon’s feeling uncomfortable.

Halo night on Wednesday, Dr. Who on Saturday, or the “anything goes” Thursday – Sheldon likes his fixed routines. Changes, like a missed hair appointment, make the physicist a little paranoid.

Despite everything, Sheldon is very confident and is actually always right.

Besides, he’s certainly one of the funniest theoretical physicists.

Although his laughter can be a little scary. (red)

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