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Big Bang Theory: This is what Howard’s mother looks like!
You can hear Howard Wolowitz’s mother (Simon Helberg, 32) screaming all the time in the series, but you never get to see her face.

But she and her voice are very present in the series. Mrs. Wolowitz is always mothering her Howard like a little boy. She cooks his favorite childhood dishes for him, cuts the food into bite-sized pieces and does his laundry. She plays a big role in Howard’s life and yet she is never seen in the series.

All you can tell from previous episodes about the series character Mrs. Wolowitzweiß: She takes part in a water aerobics course for overweight people and is accordingly fat, wears a wig, has false eyebrows and a bleached moustache. In combination with the strong roaring voice, the fans’ heads probably form a wacky picture of Howard Wolowitz’s mother.

But we show what Howard’s mother really looks like. Behind the distinctive voice is actress Carol Ann Susi (61†). She was the one you hear screaming in the original American version of ” “.

So the secret of Mrs. Wolowitz’s appearance is out. Although producer Chuck Lorrenicht had planned to ever show her face on the show. In the second season he asked Carol Ann Susi if she would mind not being shown for the next ten years. I’ve always been an actress in front of the camera and it’s great to be off-screen,” she says in an interview with Guide. Carol Ann Susi is known from guest appearances in series like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “”

Sad farewell to Howard Wolowitz’s mother
Even though she never appears on “The Big Bang Theory”, she was recognized by the public by fans of the series, naturally because of her distinctive voice. “I was once unmasked by a waitress while I was having dinner She started screaming ‘Oh, my God! Howard Wolowitz! And a bus driver outed me once,” Carol Ann told Susi.

However, in November 2014, Carol Ann Susi died unexpectedly of cancer. In the series, too, they paid their respects to her and didn’t cast Howard Wolowitz’s mother anew, but continued to write the story in such a way that the fictional character also died. This resulted in a very touching overlap between the real mourning for a colleague and the staged story.

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