episodes big bang theory – Cinnamon – the dog of Raj

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episodes big bang theory - Cinnamon - the dog of Raj

episodes big bang theory - Cinnamon - the dog of Raj

Cinnamon – the dog of Raj
We’re talking, of course, about Cinnamon, Raj’s dog. But the cute dog is actually a she and appears for the first time in the episode Traum mit Spock. This is in season five. Afterwards we get to see her a few more times. But she is often the talk of the nerds. Exactly where she comes from, we can’t find out. She’s probably from an animal shelter. We do know, however, that Howard and Bernadette buy her as a gift for Raj. It is meant to be a consolation to Raj after another one of his dates with a woman went wrong. Raj immediately falls in love with the cute bitch, as well as all fans of TBBT.

Raj exaggerates his love for Cinnamon
It quickly becomes clear that Rajnicht is just the most normal dog owner. For example, he brushes Cinnamon’s teeth with his own toothbrush every now and then and treats them more like a human being. Especially his friends find this strange. His relationship with Cinnamon even goes so far that Howard thinks up a new game. This game is called Emily or Cinnamon. The rules of the game are relatively simple. Howard unwraps a quote from Raj and the friends have to guess whether the likeable Indian has said this to his girlfriend or his dog. However, very strange things come to daylight and Raj is of course very uncomfortable with this new game. But his friends have a lot of fun with raising him. Especially Howard. Together with Bernadette he also makes sure that there is care for the dog.

Big worries about Cinnamon!
Where is that dog? In an episode of the nerd sitcom, Howard and Bernadette are supposed to watch the dog because Raj has to work. However, they lose Cinnamon and go looking for her. They can’t find Cinnamon anywhere. Meanwhile, someone called Raj’s house and found the dog. Raj is picking up Cinnamon, and they’re both having a great day. Only later do Howard and Bernadette learn that Cinnamon is safe. Thereupon Bernie snaps at Raj.

Here we have some more facts about Cinnamon:
* The name Cinnamon means “cinnamon” or “cinnamon-colored.”
* Cinnamon is a Yorkshire terrier
* She has mostly brown fur
* Your first appearance is in season 5 of The Big Bang Theory
* The dog only rarely appears in person
* Mostly Cinnamon is just talked about
* Cinnamon only gets the best feed from Raj
* Raj likes to get licked by Cinnamon
* Raj likes to give Cinnamon “kisses”
* Cinnamon is Raj’s substitute for a child
* Cinnamon also comes in Lego

Reason why Cinnamon is not often seen
Of course there is a good reason why we rarely get to see the dog in front of the camera in the series. Although Kaley Cuoco should be happy every time a dog is on set, there are certain rules for animals when shooting. In addition, shooting with animals is always a challenge and there must always be experts on the set. This is why shooting with dogs or other animals is not very popular with many directors. This is probably one reason why we rarely see Cinnamon in front of the camera. A pity actually.

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