tv show big bang theory – Chuck Lorre networth

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tv show big bang theory – Chuck Lorre networth

Chuck Lorre Assets and income 2016
How much money does Chuck Lorre have?
Chuck Lorre is an American television producer, author, composer and director who can look back on a now long-lasting career. Most people will be familiar with the name Chuck Lorre, as he has been involved as a creative mind in some of the most successful TV shows in the comedy field for many years. The most famous series among them are certainly “Roeseanne”, “Dharma & Greg”, “Two and a Half Men” and ” The Big Bang Theory”.

The gigantic success of these series has actively contributed to the fact that Chuck Lorre’s estimated total assets have now grown to approximately 655 million Euros. He himself is said to have casually noticed that his annual income amounts to about 45 million dollars. And that was back in the days when he was only creatively overseeing and directing one internationally successful television show. Now there are four.

Chuck Lorre broke off his studies in the 1980s and tried out as a singer and songwriter and toured the United States. It was also music that finally got him his first job in television. He wrote the original soundtrack for the then very popular animated series “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. Once in the television business, it was this job that led him to the next one and got him a job as one of the authors of the sitcom “Roseanne”.

A steep career
While a job as one of the many writers of a sitcom may not sound particularly spectacular at first, one should keep in mind that these jobs are extremely lucrative in Hollywood. Nowadays, so-called staff writers employed on a TV series production earn at least $3,703. Per week! The creative mind that he is, Chuck Lorre also began to develop his own show ideas during this time. Where this path led to is well known. At the moment there are four shows of Chuck Lorre running up and down on American television.

The Big Bang Theory Actors

Namely ” Two and a Half Men”, ” The Big Bang Theory “, ” Mike & Molly” and his latest creation ” Mom”. Here he can afford even the highest paid TV stars. Before the fight between Chuck Lorre and the Two and a Half Men lead actor Charlie Sheenkassier collected over one million dollars per episode. His successor Ashton Kutchersoll, on the other hand, earns “only” 800,000 dollars per episode, making him the highest paid TV actor at the moment. But also the “Big Bang Theory” stars Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsonsund Johnny Galecki should earn about 720,000 dollars per episode for the new season.

On top of that, there are of course all the reruns of his older shows, such as the sitcom “Dharma & Greg”, which is also shown on various channels in Germany, where he continues to earn a lot of money per show. This also leads us to the foreign rights that TV stations in every country have to buy and pay for in order to broadcast a series of Chuck Lorre. In the case of successful hit shows, this can easily amount to several million dollars.

Earning and fortune of Chuck Lorre
As the creator and director of these TV shows, Chuck Lorre is naturally entitled to a large share of the profits that such a series generates. Considering that the big TV stations in the USA alone pay a huge sum of money to broadcast such a show on their channels, one can imagine how fast a Chuck Lorre’s bank account grows. In the specific case of the hit sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”, a station pays up to 1.5 million dollars to be allowed to broadcast a single episode. A commercial with a running time of thirty seconds during such an episode then costs over another 300,000 dollars. As the creator of this show, Chuck Lorre is entitled to at least between 2 and 5% of these collected revenues, even if you just take a standard contract in the TV business as a basis.

A single season consists of 24 episodes, which means revenues in the range of well over 30 million dollars (excluding advertising revenues). Add to that the three other series by Chuck Lorre that are currently being produced, plus income from repeat shows of his older shows. An extremely nice, steady income then. Meanwhile, as mentioned before, this has already flushed more than half a billion dollars into his private bank account. After all, he isn’t only paid as the creator and director of these shows, but technically speaking also as author and director, since he still writes some of the episodes himself and also directs some of them here and there. This creative activity didn’t only earn him a lot of money, though. On the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, Chuck Lorre now also has his own star.

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