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The end of an era: “The Big Bang Theory” stars remember their first encounter
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While the last “The Big Bang Theory” episode is running in the USA on Thursday, the actors in the series are remembering their beginnings. That’s how they met.

Everything that has an end, once had a beginning. It’s no different with “The Big Bang Theory”. The last episode of the sitcom will be broadcast in the USA on Thursday – and the stars will be reminiscing. In an interview with the US magazine “Entertainment Weekly”, they report on their first moments together.

Kaley Cuoco (33), who plays Penny in the series, begins. When she was waiting for her cue at the casting, there was only one other person besides her in the waiting room: Sheldon Cooper actor Jim Parsons, 46. He had played quietly with his BlackBerry or at least pretended to, Cuoco remembers. Then he looked at her and asked if she knew how the device worked. He said that it was brand new. “It was very sweet the way he said that. I immediately thought he could play Sheldon. Charming and innocent,” the actress described to young Parsons.

Of chicks and old hands
Cuoco did not come into closer contact with her male colleagues until later. Johnny Galecki (44), who for years slipped into the role of Leonard Hofstadter, says that the boys always hung out together. “We all thought that Kaley is such a social person and must have so many friends,” he says. But they were wrong. After a year, Cuoco came up to them and said, “I don’t have any friends. Can I hang out with you guys?”

To Parsons, Galecki was no stranger. He knew the now 44-year-old from the series “Roseanne”. “It was the first time that someone I’d ever seen acting at a casting session,” he says in an interview. In his eyes, Galecki was someone who knew how to do his thing. “I didn’t have the impression that he needed my help,” Parsons continues. The same applies to his first meeting with Mayim Bialik (43) alias Amy Farrah Fowler.

Friendship starts with money
Galecki remembers the first meeting with Kunal Nayyar (38). He had only met the actor of Rajesh “Raj” Koothrappali at the first joint reading of the series material. The strange thing: Nayyar asked the actor for money at the end. Today he could only remember it “because he didn’t pay me back”.

Bernadette actress Melissa Rauch (38) also revels in memories. She would like to wish the old Simon Helberg (38) back. The actor who impersonates Howard Wolowitz in the serial was “so nice and sweet and funny” at the beginning. “I wish he was still like that”, the 38-year-old joked about her later husband in the series.

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