what is the big bang theory tv show about

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what is the big bang theory tv show about

what is the big bang theory tv show about

Jim Parsons: Does “The Big Bang Theory” end because of him?
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“The Big Bang Theory” is cancelled. The popular comedy sitcom will end after the 12th season. It has now been revealed that allegedly “Sheldon” actor Jim Parsons is to blame for the successful series not being continued.

\”The Big Bang Theory will end after season 12. After only recently the start date of season 12 was announced, this news has shocked TBBT fans. The Big Bang Theory” is supposed to end in 2019.

As “Entertainment Weekly” now reports, the series will be cancelled primarily because of Jim Parsons (45). The actor didn’t want to continue working on the series and would have quit. Parsons is part of the “The Big Bang Theory” cast since the beginning. He took over one of the leading roles as “Dr. Sheldon Cooper”. Fans agree – without him TBBT would be unthinkable.

TBBT: Jim Parsons and CBS could not agree
Entertainment Weekly reports that CBS has been in long negotiations with Jim. The production company is said to have offered the talented actor almost a million dollars per episode.

The condition for this incredible offer would have been that Jim agrees to stay on the “The Big Bang Theory” set for another two years. But CBS’ efforts are said to have had no effect.

After twelve years with TBBT, Jim probably just wanted to quit the show and his role. Even though this is frightening and sad news for fans, you also have to try to understand the actor’s decision. Moreover, it’s rare that a series actor stays true to his role for that long.

“The Big Bang Theory” made Jim Parsons world-famous.
Jim Parson, who has been together with his partner Todd Spiewak for many years, will certainly not take the farewell from TBBT lightly. He owes a lot to the popular series. Even though the 45-year-old had already appeared in films and series before – “The Big Bang Theory” meant his acting breakthrough.

Jim received four Emmys and a Golden Globe for his portrayal of the genius nerd “Sheldon”. Meanwhile even the spin-off “Young Sheldon” exists, which brings the character’s childhood in Texas closer to the viewer and starts with dream routes. Maybe the spin-off can comfort the fans a little bit about the end of TBBT.

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