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the big bang theory tv series wikiThe Residential House | Big Bang Theory Wiki
The apartment building refers to the apartment building at 2311 Northern Los Robles Avenue in Pasadena, California. That’s where Leonard, Sheldon and Penny live. It is located about one block from Pasadena City Hall, which can be recognized from the window of Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment.

The building has five floors and sixteen apartments. The elevator in the stairwell has been out of order for several years after Leonard damaged it in one of his experiments, as revealed in The Truth About the Elevator. The building also contains a laundry room in the basement.

In the laundry room the residents of the building do their laundry. Sheldon always does his laundry on Saturday nights. This routine is interrupted once during a feud with Penny.

As they walk up the stairs, Leonard and Co. talk about all kinds of things. But the staircase has also been the scene of events:

* Leonard mismatches a formula for rocket fuel and creates an explosion in the elevator. Since then, the elevator’s been broken.
* During one of Leonard’s dates, Sheldon is sitting in the stairwell with his laptop playing Super Mario 64 on a poorly programmed Nintendo 64 emulator.
* Kissing contest between Leonard and Leslie Winkle against Penny and one of her ex-boyfriends.
* Once the scientists lugged a time machine upstairs and blocked Penny’s way to work.
* Leonard and Sheldon once had to lug a package for Penny and tried to make it easier by using laws of physics.
* Sheldon learned that Thursday is better not be Cruciferous Vegetable Day.

First floor
Here a bicycle is standing in front of the defective elevator.

Apartment 2A
Mrs. Grossinger lives in apartment 2A. In front of her apartment there is an electric kettle.

2nd floor
Apartment 3A
Mrs. Gunderson lives in apartment 3A. Often there are flowers on small tables in front of her apartment, and at Christmas there are poinsettias.

Apartment 3B
In apartment 3B lives Mrs. Vartabedian

3rd floor
Apartment 4A
Apartment 4A

InApartment 4Aleben Sheldon and Leonard and it is the main location of the series. The clique is often visiting the apartment. Before Leonard moved in, the apartment was almost empty, mainly because Sheldon used to be shy of people and preferred to be alone in the apartment.apartment 4B
Penny’s apartment

InApartment 4Lives Penny. Before her lived the transvestite Louie/Louise in the apartment. Amy, Bernadette and Leonard are the regulars. Sheldon knocks a lot, but hardly ever enters the apartment because of what he considers chaos.
Apartment 5A
InApartment 5Lives Alicia. In the episodeThe queen bee fight Penny against Alicia for the status of “queen bee” in the apartment building. Apartment 5A

Further floors
* Ground floor mailboxes, entrance to the building, broken elevator and a trash can
* Roof- There’s plenty of room on the roof for Sheldon and Leonard to set up experiments. This is also where Howard and Bernadette’s “little” wedding took place.

* The address is 2311 N. Los Robles Avenue is actually there, only there’s another building
* The location of the building is still unknown, but it is believed that the real address is East Colorado Boulevard
* According to the aerial photo at the end of episode 24 from season 5, the house is at 215 South Madison Avenue. However, the building and its surroundings were inserted by image processing.
* All floors of the staircase are a set, which is redecorated accordingly for the recording. Among other things, the barrier tape on the elevator is always attached differently.

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