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big bang tv show actors

big bang tv show actorsDr. Rajesh “Raj” Koothrappali

Birthday: 06.10.1981 Profession: Astrophysicist Origin: New Delhi, India Relationship Status: Liiert with Emily

This is Raj:
Raj is a PhD in Indian astrophysics from New Delhi and is best friends with Howard Wolowitz. Like his friends, he works at the physics department of the Caltech Institute, his area of expertise is astroparticle physics.

His parents are very wealthy, his father is a gynecologist in India. He communicates regularly with his parents via video chat (Skype). The main part of the conversations is usually the question when Raj finally finds a wife and marries her. His younger sister Priya, leads a relationship with Leonard, at first much to Raj’s displeasure. He lives alone in an apartment in Pasadena. He ironically hates India, Indian food and Indian music. He’s Hindu and believes in karma, but eats beef.

Like the others in the group, Raj is also very shy, but that is not his biggest problem. He suffers from selective mutism, which means he can’t talk to women. Unless he drinks alcohol or at least thinks he is drinking an alcoholic beverage. If he has no alcohol at hand, he communicates in the presence of women by whispering in Howard’s ear. Howard then speaks for him, even though Howard often says something different than Raj whispered in his ear. Despite this obstacle, Raj is occasionally successful with women. Later, he can put aside his selective mutism and also talk to women.

Raj hung out with Howard a lot…
The friendship with Howard is often interpreted, especially by his parents, as if they were a couple. Leonard’s mother, who is a psychologist, also interprets the behaviour of the two as having homoerotic feelings for each other. The two usually go out together during their single time to pick up women. Raj Koothrappali always confirms Howard’s stories about wild sex after they have been turned down. A long time of The Big Bang Theoryist Raj the only single in the group. Now he frequently hangs out with comic book store owner Stuartum.

Raj and Emily will be a couple
Later his single life comes to an end and Raj gets Emilyzur’s girlfriend, after some dates with Lucy. The very shy Raj has become a little womanizer in the later episodes (one might think), but he quickly manages to disprove this assumption. Piquant: Howard once had a date with Emily, since then he has a nickname more -> Klozilla!

Things to know about Raj Koothrappali, he..:
* used to only speak to women inebriated *
* Has a bitch named Cinnamon whom he loves above all else
* Can’t stand Indian food
* hates India
* watches women’s shows (cooking, decorating, etc.)
* his biggest dream: to be the owner of a jet ski
* Favorite cocktail “Grasshopper”
* has discovered a planet and named it “Planet Bollywood”
* had sexual fantasies of Howard’s wife Bernadette
* had spent a night with Penny
* has a filthy rich family
* means full name: Dr. Rajesh “Raj” Ramayan Koothrappali
* likes to call himself “Brown Dynamite”

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