facts about the big bang theory tv show

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facts about the big bang theory tv show

facts about the big bang theory tv showCooper Family | Big Bang Theory
The Cooper family comes from East Texas (USA). Sheldon’s parents have a total of 3 children. Sheldon is the first-born son of the family. He is followed a few seconds later by his twin sister Missy.

Family members
Sheldon Cooper
Dr. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper is a physicist. He has an IQ of 187 and because of his high intelligence he skipped some classes so he attended college at the age of 11 and graduated at 14. He also tried to build complex devices like a death ray and a nuclear reactor as a child. When he was twelve, he got a mountain bike for his birthday, even though he wanted a titanium centrifuge, and he was “tormented” with bouncy castles and the like.Sheldon is very adept at interacting with other people and only learns to understand and use jokes and sarcasm as the series progresses.He often points out his fellow human beings’ mistakes and errors, but considers himself infallible and does not admit to a mistake on his part. He always tries to assert his will in group activities and always keeps this point of view.

His mother cares for him. Leonard, in turn, envies him for this family environment because his own mother does not pay attention to him; he has a particularly strong bond with his family, especially with his mother. To his twin sister, Missy, he had, in his opinion, the strongest bond when they had to share an amniotic sac. He also has a brother named George Cooper, of whom nothing is known except his name. According to Sheldon, his siblings were dumb as dirt. Missy doesn’t give that impression, so it’s safe to assume that George is meant.

Missy Cooper
Missy Cooper is the twin sister of Sheldon.

Mary Cooper
Mary Cooper is Sheldon’s mother and a devout Christian from Texas. Mary herself is not a genius like her son, but she is very smart. She is a very good mother and is the only one who was ever able to control Sheldon; Leonard described her as Sheldon’s “Kryptonite”. When Sheldon is particularly difficult and unmanageable, the others always call his mother, who then gets the situation under control.

George Cooper Sr.
George Cooper was the father of Sheldon and Missy Cooper, and the husband of Mary Cooper. He was described throughout the show as a boorish, Homer-Simpson Texan. When Sheldon was 12, he did a series of experiments with stair heights. Sheldon changed the height of the stairs by two millimeters and George subsequently broke his collarbone. Mary claims he was not very clever and once tried to fight a cougar for a piece of licorice. George used to go to football with Sheldon because the sport is very popular in Texas. George also taught Sheldon how to cook meat so it tastes like chicken. And how to shoot so accurately with the bow (which Sheldon always reminds him of K-Mart bourbon when playing, suggesting that his father drank during class) that a raccoon “gets the better of him”. After the separation from Mary, Sheldon’s father probably had an affair with a “blonde bartender”, he also wanted to buy Sheldon’s love with action figures. In a Season 5 episode, Mary confesses that George died due to weight loss after her dinner.

Sheldon’s grandmother
Sheldon’s grandmother, whom he affectionately calls “Meemaw” (in German Omi) and who in turn calls him “Moonpie” (actually moon pie, in the German dubbing “Mäusespeck”), is the mother of Mary Cooper.

Uncle Carl
Uncle Carl is in the episode The Safest Place in the World when Sheldon calculates when he dies. Uncle Carl was killed on Thanksgiving by a burglar he tried to rescue from his fireplace.

Sheldon’s grandfather
Sheldon’s grandfather (“Pop-pop”) passed away. This one is Mary Cooper’s father.

Family tree

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