questions about the big bang theory tv show

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questions about the big bang theory tv show

questions about the big bang theory tv showKoothrappali Family | Big Bang Theory Wiki
Not much is known about the Koothrappali family. Raj comes from a very large family with six children. His family is also quite rich, which Raj often tries to play down.

Raj’s parents
Raj and his parents

Raj communicates with his parents via Webcam.Mr.&Mrs. Koothrappaliwohnen, like the rest of the family, in India. They are constantly trying to arrange appointments for Raj, as his parents (especially his mother) want their son to marry a woman of Indian descent and bring them grandchildren. Raj always calls his parents “mommy” and “daddy” in front of the webcam, Raj always claims that he grew up in poverty, but his friends always remind him that he comes from a very wealthy background.

His father is a gynecologist, he drives a Bentley and has a house full of servants, two of whom are children. His parents also admit that they are well off, as they are rich in a poor country. In one episode of the fifth season it also turns out that Raj’s parents are actually billionaires. Sheldon phrases the wealth of Raj’s family as “They’re caught in the middle between Bruce Wayne and Scrooge McDuck.”

Raj’s father is dubbed by Kamal Roys, his mother by Mitali Roy.

Raj’s siblings
Not much is known about his siblings either. Raj has an older brother, as is revealed in one episode. In that episode, Raj loses his battle kite, which his brother gave him, to Sheldon, and Rajesh probably has two other older brothers (according to his testimony in the episode And Now With Tongue). In that episode, Raj claimed he had two sisters, one of whom must be Priya.

Priya is the sister of Raj and Leonard’s later girlfriend. She’s keeping her relationship with Leonard a secret because her parents are opposed to a relationship with an American. Raj is also strictly against the relationship because he thinks that as long as she is not in India, he is her guardian. He always tries to forbid them to meet, but he cannot prevail. He was also very happy when he heard that Priya had left him, Priya has a Juris Doctor from Cambridge.

Other relatives
* Raj cousin, Sanjay Koothrappali (or as he says “Dave from AT & T Customer Service”), works in a call center, and is mentioned briefly in several episodes. In ” The guitarist on the couch”, Raj tried to avoid Sanya’s wedding, but finally accepts his parents’ offer.

* Another cousin, Venkatesh (episode ” Heart Two”), works as a lawyer in Mumbai. Nevertheless, he has poor negotiating skills and even admits that he is a good-for-nothing.
* In the episode ” Planet Bollywood” you learn that Rajesh’s limousine is bigger and has more food than the house his grandfather grew up in.
* In Animal Amy, Raj mentions that type 2 diabetes runs in his family.

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