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the big bang theory alternative tv show

the big bang theory alternative tv showA new (old familiar) woman for Raj
Should Raj finally have luck in love again with “The Big Bang Theory”? After the bad luck with Emily and Isabella he really deserved it. And indeed, there is a pretty blonde waiting for him in the new episode – and she looks damn familiar to us!

It didn’t really work out so well with Raj with the women. No wonder, because it wasn’t always easy for him to communicate with the opposite sex. In the early days of ” The Big Bang Theory” he could only talk to women under the influence of alcohol. Fortunately, that has changed in the meantime. Nevertheless, his relationships with Emily and also Isabella have broken down. But now there is hope again for the friend of Penny, Howard, Sheldon and Co.: Already in episode 14 of season 11 he seems to come closer to a pretty blonde. And we have to look twice, because the young lady looks suspiciously familiar.

A real “Broke Girl”
In fact, the beauty who is obviously flirting with Raj is no stranger to this. In fact, we know Beth Behrs as Caroline from 2 Broke Girls. While she sold cupcakes here with her roommate Max, on TBBT she now plays the pretty teacher Nell, who has her eye on Raj. He is also blown away by the blonde. But of course there is a catch this time too – Nell is married! Her husband Oliver (Walton Goggins) is not at all excited about the latest events. Does Raj have bad luck in love again in “The Big Bang Theory”?

“The Big Bang Theory”: Will we get to meet Sheldon’s brother before the end?

Fun on Set
At TBBT they are definitely enthusiastic about Beth Behrs. “We have such a great cast, it’s sometimes difficult to bring in actors from the outside. We were really lucky to get someone as great as Beth to play Nell,” explains producer Steve Holland in an interview. “She and Kunal [Nayar] were just fantastic together. It’s easy to understand why Raj is so quick to love her when she’s still married to Oliver. Walton Goggins is just as amazing, by the way.” It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Raj and Bell and whether they have a future. The new episode of “The Big Bang Theory” will air on CBS tomorrow.


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