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the big bang theory tv show animated

the big bang theory tv show animatedThis secret will never be revealed!
Kaley Cuoco (33) has, along with Jim Parsons (46) and Johnny Galecki (43), made “The Big Bang Theory” what it is today: an incredibly successful and unique nerd sitcom that has managed to make us laugh for twelve seasons. But now TBBT will soon be over: The big finale is in season 12.

“The Big Bang Theory”: Do we learn “Penny’s” last names?
Not much is known yet about the plot of the very last episode. Some details about the grand finale have already been published by “The Big Bang Theory” makers, though. But also the fans are hoping for some surprises and revelations for the end of the nerd sitcom.

Because it’s still unclear what “Penny’s” last name is. While all the other characters have a surname, “Penny” got hers only through the marriage with “Leonard” and is now called “Hofstadter”.

Nevertheless, the fans must remain strong: They will probably never know what “Penny” is called in the last name. You can see why in the video above.

“The Big Bang Theory”: Kaley Cuoco was first rejected
“Penny” actress Kaley Cuoco herself almost never got the part of her life. She was rejected at her first casting for the sitcom. To “TV Insider” Kaley Cuoco tells that she was first wanted for a character named “Katie”. However, this didn’t work out as expected for a very specific reason.

Kaley Cuoco at the Critics’ Choice Awards

“I was too young. I like saying that because nowadays I can’t even get around to saying that I look too young for anything,” she explains with a laugh. It took a year before Nina Tassler, then president of CBS Entertainment, decided to delete “Katie” from the script and replace it with “Penny”.

“Penny” should be even better received by the viewers than “Katie” – and Kaley Cuoco seemed to fit perfectly into the new “Big Bang Theory” role. So it was decided to bring her back for a second casting – the rest is TV history.

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