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Herman Miller Aeron New: Sitting like Sheldon Cooper?!
You surely know the cult series “Big Bang Theory” about four very special nerds, their living together, their difficulties with the rest of the “normal” world, their quirks and above all their genius? Then you’ve probably also noticed the very special office chair that the hero of the series, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, sits on when he works on his computer in his apartment. No?

Bazinga: which makes Herman Miller Aeron a genius
We can help you there. Sheldon is using a real classic, a cult chair. The Aeron was introduced over 20 years ago. Herman Miller, the world’s largest manufacturer of office chairs. The Aeron was not only the first swivel chair with a mesh back, it also adopted this principle for the seat. The usual foam was completely dispensed with. The result? An incomparably light sitting feeling. Thanks to the material netting developed especially for the Aeron, the body receives pressure-free support. And that over a long period of time.

The Aeron quickly developed into a real cult chair. It can be found in many Hollywood productions. And it is also finding more and more friends in Germany. It is being used more and more often, especially in executive offices and sophisticated home offices.

Ingenious thanks to the Aeron?
We can only assume that Sheldon Cooper owes his genius to Aeron. At least in part. But once you’ve experienced the unique sitting sensation on your own body, you can understand that it stimulates creativity. But one thing we can definitely rule out: That the Aeron is the cause of Sheldon’s flaws. However, it’s certainly worth a try. Our recommendation: Our fully equipped models, available immediately from stock. Thanks to the hard-calculated special prices, you’ll be happy when you order. And when your Aeron is just a few days later, you know immediately: That was a brilliant decision.

In 1994 Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf designed a real classic: The Aeron by Herman Miller. Not only did it set new standards in design, it was also the first modern office chair ever to do without any upholstery in the seat and back. You can see the Aeron with its characteristic backrest in countless Hollywodd blockbusters and TV series.

Don Chadwick did the redesign again. And the task was not an easy one. He was supposed to bring the Aeron technically up to date without diluting the design. Chadwick mastered this task with bravura. The result The “New Aeron remastered”. With optimized operation, the most modern materials and still the unmistakable design. All models & details can be found here:

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