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Jim Parsons | Big Bang Theory

James Joseph “Jim” Parson was born on 24 March 1973 in Houston, Texas. He is a US-American actor and best known for his role as Dr. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory

Life and benefits
Parsons grew up in Houston, Texas where he already began acting in the first grade. After school he first started an acting study at the University of Houston which he finished successfully at the University of San Diego. In Houston as well as in San Diego he took part in different theater productions. Afterwards he went to New York to continue his acting career there.

His hobbies are baseball and playing basketball.

Parsons got his first television role in 2003 in the series “Ed”, followed by several smaller roles in television and feature films. In the television series “Für alle Fälle Amy” he appeared in seven episodes in 2004 and 2005. Since 2007 he has played a leading role in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, produced by “Columbia Broadcasting System”. For this role he was nominated for an Emmy in 2009 as best leading actor in a comedy series, one year later he won the award. In 2011 he also won the Golden Globe Award.

In 2009 he had a guest appearance as Sheldon Cooper in the series “Family Guy”, together with Johnny Galecki, who in turn took on his role as Leonard Hofstadter.

Parsons lives with his partner Todd Spiewak. [1] He was publicly announced as gay in May 2012.

2003 at the movie “Happy End” (as casting assistant)

2004 on the movie “Why Blitt?” (as “Mike”)

2004 on the movie “Garden State” (as “Tim”)

2004 at the movie “Taste” (as “Kris”)

2005 with the movie “Heights” (as “Oliver”)

2005 in the movie “The Great New Wonderful” (as “Justin”)

2005 in the movie “The King’s Inn” (as “Sidney”)

2006 at the movie “10 Items or Less – You are who you meet” (as receptionist)

2006 at the movie “Der Date Profi” (as a student)

2007 in the movie “On the Road with Judas” (as “Jimmy Pea”)

2007 at the movie “Gardener of Eden” (as “Spim”)

2011 at the movie “The Muppets” (as human being “Walter”)

2011 on the movie “A Year Outlawed!” (as “Crane”)

2012 on the movie “Sunset Stories” (as “Prince”)

2014, in the movie “Wish I Was Here” (as “Paul”)

2014, in the movie “The Normal Heart” (as “Tommy”)

2014 at the movie “Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas” (voice of “Buddy”)

2015 on the movie “Home – A spectacular trip” (voice of “Oh”)

2015 on the movie “Visions” (as “Dr. Mathison”)

2016 at the movie “Hidden Figures – Unknown Heroines” (as “Paul Stafford”)

2003 on the series “Ed – The Bowling Lawyer” (as “Chet” in the episode “The Road”)

on the series “Just in case Amy” (as “Rob Holbrook” in 7 episodes)

since 2007: with the series The Big Bang Theory

2009 on the series “Family Guy” (voice of “Sheldon Cooper” in the episode “Business Guy”)

2010 on the series “Glenn Martin DDS” (voice “Draven” in the episode “Jackie’s Get Witch-Quick Scheme”)

2011 on the series “The Super Hero Squad Show” (voice of “Nightmare” in the episode “Blind Rage Knows No Color”)

2011 on the series “iCarly (as “Caleb” in the episode “iLost My Mind”)

2011 in the series “Eureka – The Secret City” (voice of “Carl the Jeep” in the episode “Do You See What I See”)

2011 on the series “Pound Puppies – The Paws Club” (voice of “Milton Feltwaddle”, in two episodes)

2012 on the series “The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange” (voice of “Henry Apple Sauce” in the episode “Generic Holiday Special”)

2012 on the series “Family Guy” (voice of “Gay Jacker” in the episode “Joe’s Revenge”)

2012 on the series “Kick Buttowski – Nobody can do everything” (voice of “Larry Wilder” in the episode “Jock Wilder’s Nature Camp”)

He has performed in the theatre 31 times and has been selected for awards and nominations 28 times, winning 10 of them.

Itemized records
* He’s six feet tall *
* He’s very good with Mayim Bialikbefreundet.
* He’s very good friends with every actor

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