what is the big bang theory tv show all about

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what is the big bang theory tv show all about

what is the big bang theory tv show all aboutEnd of the comedy “The Big Bang Theory”
Subscribe to podcast Dr. Dr. Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) will also be getting married one day in the successful US series “The Big Bang Theory”. (picture alliance / dpa / Michael Yarish)Bad news for the fans of the successful US series “The Big Bang Theory”. As the producers announced, the comedy about two physicist nerds in a shared flat after the 12th season will end. Series expert Adam Arndt thinks this is right.

Two scientists in a flat share, who can’t get their lives together, a pretty waitress and a few friends experience adventures together. During the seasons of “The Big Bang Theory” more and more women enter the life of the nerds.

Over the last twelve years, the story has managed to attract up to 20 million viewers at a time to the screens. It is the hit among American sitcoms, is produced by Warner Bros. and broadcast on the CBS TV channel. In Germany, the series will be broadcast on Pro 7, with the last episode expected to be shown on US screens in May 2019.

“Twelve seasons is a huge success. The series has achieved everything that needs to be achieved and has also exhausted all topics,” says Adam Arndt, editor-in-chief of serienjunkies.de. By the fourth season at the latest, the whole thing will develop into a relationship comedy.

Nerd topics are now mainstream
The nerd themes have long since become mainstream, Arndt emphasises, referring to box office successes such as “Lord of the Rings”, “Star Wars” or “Star Trek”. The creators of these films rely on archetypes like the physicist Sheldon Cooper:

\”Sheldon is always Sheldon and only develops in a limited way during the seasons. That’s also the appeal of the character, that he’s an archetype and doesn’t go through much evolution.”

The makers have announced that the 12th season will be crowned with an “epic creative ending. For those who can’t get enough, Adam Arndt recommends another offshoot, “Young Sheldon”:

“There’s a Young Sheldon spin-off that tells the story of how Sheldon became Sheldon.”


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