criticism of the big bang theory tv show

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criticism of the big bang theory tv show

criticism of the big bang theory tv show

Jim Parsons: So much Sheldon Cooper really is in him

Did you know…
Serial junkies all over the world love him: Jim Parsons! With his starring role as Dr. Sheldon Cooper in the CBS series “The Big Bang Theory”, the actor has truly made sitcom history. Today, Saturday, the man behind the TV super brain celebrates his 45th birthday. Who’s thinking “45? Sheldon Cooper is never that old,” is absolutely right. The know-it-all is only 38, so a full seven years younger. But the different birth years are not the only differences between Jim Parsons and his serial alter ego.

Parsons was born in 1973 in Houston, Texas. According to his mother Judy, he knew at the age of three that he wanted to become an actor. Because unlike his series character Sheldon, Parsons has always been interested in arts like acting. No trace of outstanding intelligence or even expertise in theoretical particle physics. “I was not an overly bright child, I was mediocre,” the American newspaper USA Today quoted him last year.

Nevertheless, today’s birthday girl has come a long way. After completing his acting studies, Parsons moved to New York City, where he still lives with his husband.

Jim Parsons is gay
Whether Sheldon Cooper and his chosen one Amy Farrah Fowler will ever be happy in the “TBBT” series history is still in the stars for German viewers. It looks completely different in real life: Since 2002, Parsons has been in a relationship with Todd Spiewak (41), and in May 2017 the two said yes to each other in New York’s Rainbow Room. The sitcom star published pictures of the special day on his Instagram page.

But there are also similarities
It’s not just the differences between Jim Parsons and Dr. Sheldon Cooper that are significant. The actor also benefits from the one or other similarity during the shooting. Although his series character resists almost everything that has to do with sports, the physicist still has a distinct knowledge of American football thanks to his late father. Luckily, this is no different in reality. As Parsons once admitted in the Houston Press, he is a huge football fan. Especially his home team, the Houston Oilers, is a big fan of the actor.

Another similarity has again been revealed by Parsons’ mother Judy. “Entertainment Tonight” visited relatives, acquaintances and friends of the actor in 2011 and received many revealing answers. One of them: “When he was little, he loved ‘Star Wars’. He had loads of little ‘Star Wars’ characters and used every empty box at home to build them little houses and spaceships,” Judy said. I wonder if Parsons and Sheldon could still enjoy them today?

One thing is certain, though: Whether as a headstrong scientist or a talented actor, Jim Parsons is and remains a true spectator favorite! For his role as Dr. Sheldon Cooper, in which he has been playing since 2007, he has been awarded four Emmys and one Golden Globe. His sitcom character “Young Sheldon” even received his own spin-off, which tells of the childhood of the brilliant mastermind.


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