how did the big bang tv show end

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how did the big bang tv show end

how did the big bang tv show end

Kaley Cuoco – all news and pictures
Kaley Cuoco(pronounce: “Kwoko”) is what they call in the USA the “Girl Next Door”. She always seems to be in a good mood, she is uncomplicated, open, and on top of that she is a sportsman. From a distance Kaley Cuoco looks a lot like Penny, her character from ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Just like Cuoco, she’s lively, very tidy inside, but also a bit chaotic outside. But if you take a closer look, you will realize that there is much more to her than that.

Famous, popular, almost best paid
Her parade role of the penny has made Cuoco world-famous. And secured her a good third place on the ‘Forbes’ list of the best earning TV actresses of 2014 with eleven million US dollars in annual earnings. After salary negotiations in the same year, however, she now receives one million per episode instead of “only” 300,000 dollars. Her popularity is also growing steadily and reached its peak in January 2015 when she received the People’s Choice Award for her performance for the second year in a row. Incidentally, she herself presented the audience award in 2012 and 2013 in a sovereign and above all humorous manner.

More news about Kaley CuocoLieber Nerds as a girl clique
Kaley had her first speaking role on television when she was six years old, when she appeared as a primary school girl in several Barbie commercials. But this brought her the envy of her schoolmates: “The other girls were really mean. They talked bad about me and avoided me,” she told ‘’. That’s why she had been taught at home since the fifth grade. Which was an opportunity for her, because at the age of 17 she got a permanent leading role in the comedy series ‘My wild daughters’. As little as she can do with other girls: …she’s very comfortable with her Big Bang Theory boy band. “I love it! I get on better with men than with women,” she told ‘TV Digital’. She also openly admits to being a real geek. “I’d rather buy a new computer than go with the latest fashion trend.”

Sports instead of Hollywood parties
And there is another hobby she shares especially with the male part of the population: “I am an absolute sports fan! I’m the son my father never had.” Cuoco says that she is obsessed with spinning, besides, the owner of four horses rides almost every day. The vegetarian prefers to spend her free time with her family or her animals. However, you rarely see her at relevant parties in Los Angeles. Perhaps a product of her sheltered childhood: Her parents are very down to earth. The real estate agent and the housewife brought up Kaley and her sister Briana, almost three years younger to the day, very conservatively.

The short happiness with Ryan Sweeting
It seems all the more crazy that she married her husband Ryan SweetingSilvester 2013 after only three months of dating. “That was the best day of my life,” wrote the blonde with the short hair on her Twitter profile the day after the fancy ceremony – on which she very openly shares things from her private life. “He’s the right guy, I can just feel it,” Kaley assured the doubters again and again. This is probably also proven by her desire to share her love for the tennis player with the whole world. She kept her former relationship with co-star Johnny Galeckioder, the addiction therapist Josh Rednik, almost completely secret.

Today, however, Kaley is very liberal with her private life. After she, like many of her colleagues, fell victim to the nude image scandal, in which hackers published private pictures of celebrities, she decided to strike back: On Instagram, she simply posted her own nude image of herself and her husband, pixelated in key areas. Do you think she regretted it when the marriage came to an end almost as quickly in late summer 2015?

We almost think: No. Because she remains true to her line and marries again in 2018 rather spontaneously – she married her friend Karl Cook, her sister. Kaley simply pulls through – she has that in common with the serial character Penny – her thing – you have to love her for that.

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