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the big bang theory episode guide

the big bang theory episode guide

Jim Parsons: Films, Series and Biography
Series overview and biography

The Big Bang Theory star leaves the 2010 Emmy Awards twice as happy. After receiving the award, he proposes a marriage to his partner Todd Spiewak, which is accepted by the art director of a marketing agency. The two have been together for four years at the time. After a disagreement over child planning, the couple’s engagement is dissolved, but now the couple are happy again and move into a shared apartment. The love nest costs the couple 1.8 million US dollars.
Biography of Jim Parsons
Jim Parsons is the son of a primary school teacher and the president of a pipeline company. Parsons’ younger sister is also a teacher. The actor’s family has to cope with a bitter blow of fate in 2001 when his father dies in a car accident. Parsons is just about to graduate from university at this time.

Parsons begins to get enthusiastic about acting in elementary school, his first role is that of a bird in a performance in the first grade. He then attended Klein Oak High School in Spring, Texas. In 1996 he earned a Bachelor’s degree in acting at the School of Theater and Danceder University of Houston, where he is a member of the Pi Kapa Alpha fraternity. While at Houston University, he is also one of the founders of Infernal Bridegroom Productions, a non-profit theater company. In 2001 he received his Masters degree from the University of San Diego while performing at the Old Globe Theater. After graduating, Parsons moved to New York, where he first appeared in commercials for companies such as FedEx, Stride Gum and Quiznos.

In 2002 Jim Parsonssein makes his television debut with a guest role in the series Ed, followed by a few smaller roles in TV movies and feature films, such as in “Garden State” (2004) alongside Zach Braff. Afterwards he gets a recurring role as Rob Holbrockin in the popular drama series Judging Amy( ). Afterwards he appears on the big screen in films like “10 Items or Less” (2006) or “Der Date Profi” (2006).

Jim Parsons’ biggest role to date was in 2007 in the highly successful comedy series The Big Bang Theoryergattern, in which he played the highly intelligent physics theorist Sheldon Cooper. For this role he received the Television Critics Association Award for Individual Achievement in Comedy in 2009 and was nominated for an Emmy three times in a row, two of the statues were received by the actor. In 2011 he will be nominated for the Golden Globe for the first time and will also receive an award.

In 2011 Jim Parsonse ventures a new career step: as a stage actor. He conquers Broadway alongside Lee Pace(Pushing Diasies) in the drama “The Normal Heart”. Shortly afterwards he is back on the stage – he can be seen in the classic “Harvey”. The actor is also in front of the camera for the dramedy “Cooler” and for the comedy “The Big Year” (2011) alongside Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Rashida Jones. Parsons will appear in 2011 in “The Muppets” and will play the leading role in “The Normal Herat” (2014) alongside Matt Bomerund Julia Robertsin Ryan Murphy’s drama.

Young Sheldon, the spin-off to the sitcom TBBT, has been running since 2017, in which Parsons acts as the voice of his younger version.

Private Life
Jim Parsons claims to be a “political junkie”, likes to listen to radio talk shows, loves to watch sports and do crossword puzzles, and can play the piano.

The day before the shooting of The Big Bang Theory he suffers from panic attacks because he is afraid to forget the lyrics or his commitment. In addition, he is prone to seasickness and from riding in the car he gets sick, so he prefers to drive himself. His favorite series are Lostund Grey’s Anatomy. He also likes to watch American Idol. Jim Parsons is good friends with his colleagues Simon Helberg and Kaley Cuoco. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Actually it was no secret, but only in May 2012 Jim Parsons made it official and revealed himself as a homosexual in an interview.

Jim Parsons left the 2010 Emmy Awards twice as happy. After the award, Parsons proposed to his partner Todd Spiewak, who was accepted by the art director of a marketing agency. The two had been together for more than four years at the time.

The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Cooper’s T-shirt collection
Who better to be the figurehead of International T-Shirt Day than Sheldon Cooper? The garment is part of the basic outfit of the nerd from The Big Bang Theory and sometimes even provides amusement itself.Jim Parson

here you come to the career in pictures of Jim Parsons

5 facts about TBBT star Jim Parsons
Jim Parsons is the son of a primary school teacher and the president of a pipeline company. Parsons’ younger sister is

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