what was the big bang theory tv show originally called

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what was the big bang theory tv show originally called

what was the big bang theory tv show originally called


(Originally, the show was called “Lenny, Penny and Kenny” before creators came up with The Big Bang Theory.)


Jim Parsons – Star portrait, news, pictures
When he had his breakthrough with “The Big Bang Theory” Jim Parsonsschon had worked as an actor for years and only got smaller roles in movies like “Garden State” or the series “For all cases Amy”. But his portrayal of physicist Dr. Sheldon Cooper made him suddenly famous all over the world. “‘The Big Bang Theory’ has completely changed my life,” he once said. “‘To put it bluntly, I haven’t had to cash unemployment checks in a few years now, and that’s really nice.”

Most recently, Jim earned over a million dollars an episode and was the highest paid TV actor ever with an annual salary of $29 million by 2015.

Exclusive Premiere

Oscar nominee “Hidden Figures”

Success with “The Big Bang Theory”
It was only relatively late that he made this breakthrough: he was 33 when he got his parade role. For a total of twelve years, Johnny Galeckiin played “The Big Bang Theory” alongside Kaley Cuocound and won numerous prizes during this time. He won four Emmys for his portrayal of the highly talented Sheldon Cooper, and in 2011 he was even honored with a Golden Globe. The comedy series has been broadcast in over 50 countries, is even one of the most watched TV series in Germany and also delivered dream ratings in America.

Thanks to this success, doors in Hollywood opened for the actor that had previously been closed to him. For example, he was able to show a completely different side of himself in the TV movie “The Normal Heart” by “Glee” inventor Ryan Murphy and was promptly nominated for an Emmy. In March 2015, he received a special honour: he was awarded a star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” alongside his “Big Bang” colleagues and his long-time partner Todd Spiewak.

Jim Parsons suffers from stage fright
But despite the immense success Jim Parsons had with ” The Big Bang Theory”, he still suffers from extreme stage fright. Although he was the star of the sitcom, he was always the most nervous of all the actors in the cast. Already in the evening before the shooting days he panicked and was afraid to forget his lines. Especially the difficult technical terms worried him, after all he himself has no idea about physics.

What now, Sheldon?
Everything has an end, including “The Big Bang Theory.” In 2019, the last season of the hit series will be on. Parsons once said of a possible end to the show: “I think I’ll finish this show before I’m 50. Oh God! No one wants to see this– Sheldon with a walker. God willing, I have a long life after this show and that makes the future really exciting. He’s nowhere near 50 by the time the show ends and indeed, the future seems to have exciting things in store: In the Netflix adaptation of the Broadway play “Boys in the Band” he plays a God-fearing Catholic.

Private happiness
Privately, Jim has found his happiness with Todd Spiewak for a long time, more precisely since 2002. But the actor only revealed himself as a homosexual ten years later in a profile in the “New York Times”. At the Emmy Awards 2013 he thanked his “favourite person on the planet, Todd Spiewak”. In 2017 both got married.

In and of itself, however, Parsons tries to keep the relationship with his partner largely out of the public eye and rarely comments on it. “I never saw the relationship with Todd as an act of activism. It’s simply an act of love, having coffee in the morning, going to work, washing clothes, walking the dogs – a normal life, boring love,” he once described.

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