when did the big bang tv show start

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when did the big bang tv show start

when did the big bang tv show start

Kaley Cuoco (“Big Bang Theory”) finds home for new thriller series
Kaley Cuoco in season 12 of “The Big Bang Theory” CBS

A few weeks after the end of the successful sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” Kaley Cuocodie has set the course for her future career. On the one hand, she has placed her next serial project with the streaming service of WarnerMedia: a thriller about a flight attendant who wakes up next to a corpse without any memory and now has to find out if she is the perpetrator. In addition, she has extended her framework contract with Warner Bros. by two years: she is developing new projects with her company Yes, Norman Productions, while Warner in turn is developing new comedy formats for Cuoco.

“I am very happy that Warner Bros. remains my ‘home away from home’ and couldn’t be happier to continue this incredible collaboration and fulfilling relationship: Now they have me permanently on their case,” Cuoco commented on the signing of the contracts – Warner was also the studio behind “The Big Bang Theory”.

The Flight Attendant
In November 2017 it was announced that Kaley Cuoco had founded the production company Yes, Norman Productions and had secured the series rights to the novel “The Flight Attendant” by Chris Bohjalian – which was not to be published until March 2018 ( TV wish list reported). Cuoco wanted to play the title role in the project, which was conceived as a mini-series, and produce the project.

Now WarnerMedia bought into the project and gave the green light to bring the still nameless series to his upcoming streaming service – which is still lacking in concrete details and is scheduled to go online in late 2019. Greg Berlantian Bord was also involved as a producer and Steve Yockey( “Supernatural”) is responsible for the script adaptation.

At the centre of the plot is flight attendant Cassandra Bowden (Cuoco), who wakes up without any memory of the past hours in a hotel room in Dubai unknown to her – next to her is the corpse of a man. Instead of informing the authorities in Dubai, she returns to New York City as planned as part of her job on board an airplane. There, however, the FBI has some questions about her recent stopover in New York City. In an attempt to understand and put the events into context, Cassandra has to face the fact that she may be a murderer.

Previously, the plot had also been vaguely described as “a story about the silliness of an alcohol intoxication and the devastating consequences of addiction and about a murder in a foreign country”.

Kaley Cuoco
Since the project is intended as a mini-series, Warner will develop new follow-up projects for Cuoco as an actress – single and multi-camera comedies as well as dramaturgies.

Cuoco had her breakthrough in the sitcom “My wild daughters”- as one of the “wild daughters”. It was followed by a leading role as the up-and-coming witch Billie Jenkins in the eighth season of “Charmed – Zauberhafte Hexen”, after which she switched to “The Big Bang Theory”, where Cuoco was part of the cast for twelve years.

Cuoco also works as a narrator and will be the voice of the title character in the upcoming animation series “Harley Quinn”.


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