who created the big bang theory tv show

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who created the big bang theory tv show

who created the big bang theory tv show

Jim Parsons – More than just Sheldon Cooper
When Jim Parsonsmit was cast in his mid-30s for the pilot episode of a sitcom about a group of physics nerds, he had no idea that this would be his breakthrough. Today, more than 10 years after the launch of The Big Bang Theory, Parsons is one of the highest paid series actors, his name is on a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood and there is still no end in sight for the sitcom.

No question, the role of the highly talented, pedantic and socially incompetent Sheldon Cooper has meanwhile merged with Jim Parsons himself in the minds of most people. He is certainly one of the reasons for the huge success of the sitcom. Not only the fans love Sheldon, also in the criticism Parsons’ portrayal of the physicist met again and again with extraordinarily positive resonance. For example, he was able to win various prizes, including four Emmys and a Golden Globe Award. His work for The Big Bang Theory deserves all the recognition it receives. However, Jim Parsons is much more than just Sheldon Cooper. What has the actor been up to now? For Jim Parsons’ 45th birthday today, let’s take a look at all his other roles.

Jim Parsons as Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory

A career before The Big Bang Theory
Jim Parsons already discovered his passion for the acting in his childhood. During his studies he took part in numerous theater productions and with a degree in classical theater he finally moved to New York to practice his craft. Here he also worked intensively as a stage actor for several years and was able to land his first film and television appearances. His first real serial role was a guest appearance in an episode of Ed – The Bowling Lawyer, and from 2004 to 2005 he appeared for seven episodes in the court series For All Cases Amyal’s kinky assistant Rob Holbrook. It was through this role that the Big Bang Theory producers became aware of him, so he owes a lot to the performance.

Parsons was also cast in the film business for some smaller roles during this time. In Zach Braff’s directing debut Garden Stateein he had a small appearance as Star Trek nerd Tim, who speaks Klingon and has an affair with a much older woman. While he was only seen in a short (chivalrous) scene here, the role helped him to be noticed by a larger audience and could contribute his part to the wonderfully bizarre atmosphere of the movie. He also had small appearances in the episode films Heightsund The Great New Wonderful, both of which portray the lives of various people in New York.

Jim Parsons as Rob Holbrook in Just in case Amy

Beyond Sheldon: Jim Parsons as film actor and dubbing artist
The fact that Jim Parsons has been working on The Big Bang Theory since 2007 becomes clear when you look at the actor’s filmography. Parsons has not been involved in more than one film per year so far, the film roles have also remained mostly small. For example, in 2011 he played alongside Jack Black, Steve Martin and Owen Wilson in the comedy A Year Outlawed! The film tells the story of a number of birdwatchers who set a record and want to observe most bird species within a year. Parsons embodied a blogger who documents the progress of the birdwatchers, but with this comedy he has remained true to his familiar genre. A cameo appearance followed in the same year as Walter’s human alter ego in the film The Muppets. In Wish I Was Herestand Parsons 2014 he will again appear in front of the camera with and for Zach Braff.

In 2015, he set off into new waters with his first work on a horror film, Visions, but still couldn’t (or didn’t want to?) leave his comedy image behind. His performance as a doctor for a pregnant Isla Fisher, who believes she is losing her mind, met with a positive response – but above all he was praised for adding a humorous note to the film through his presence. In the Oscar-nominated drama Hidden Figures – Unknown Heroines Jim Parsons played a bigger and also more serious role. As Nasa lead engineer Paul Stafford, Parsons portrayed a man afraid of losing his job to an African-American woman.

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Jim Parsons asPaul Stafford in Hidden Figures – Unknown Heroines

In addition to all these film and television roles, Jim Parsons has also worked as a dubbing artist for numerous projects and has lent his voice to various cartoon characters. Among them were roles in the series Pound Puppies – The Paws Club, The Super Hero Squad Show, Eureka – The Secret City, The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange or Kick Buttowski – Nobody Can Do Everything. In Seth MacFarlane’s Fam

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