fun facts about the big bang theory tv show

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fun facts about the big bang theory tv show

fun facts about the big bang theory tv show

Melissa Rauch: This is how the star from The Big Bang Theory ticks
October 10, 2019, 12:25 pm

The Big Bang Theory – a German series with this name would probably not be very successful.

The situation is completely different, however, if the idea comes from the USA and is launched there under the English name The Big Bang Theory.

12 seasons with 297 episodes have been shot since 2007. 10 years later the last episode was broadcasted. With The Big Bang Theory numerous records were achieved. The main actors of the series were among the best paid actors ever, one of them is Melissa Rauch. Better known to many as Dr. Bernadette Maryann Rostenkowski-Wolowitz.

From waitress to biologist
Melissa Rauch had her first appearance in the series in 2009, when she made her first appearance in action on The Big Bang Theory as a simple operator at the Cheesecake Factory, where her fellow series member Penny Hofstadter also worked. From then on, she was to be on the permanent staff for all further 209 episodes until the final season 12.

In the successful series she financed her studies of microbiology with her job. Later on she married her husband Howard Wolowitz and had two children with him. Her character in the series has parallels to her real life backstage.

From stand-up comedian to world star
Already during her acting studies Melissa Rauch stood on various stages in New York and appeared as a stand-up comedian. She even had her own solo album. She got roles in several small productions and series before she celebrated her biggest success to date in 2009 with The Big Bang Theory.

Not only in the series Rauch embodied a mother of Jewish faith. In real life, the American-born actress became the mother of a daughter in 2017, the result of her marriage to screenwriter Winston Beigel. Moreover, in real life the actress is of the Jewish faith. On the social network Instagram and through other channels, Melissa Rauch lets her fans share in her life. However, she is always careful not to reveal too many details of her private life.

Filmography of the actress
At the age of 26 Melissa Rauch was engaged for a bigger movie for the first time. Already during her participation in The Big Bang Theory she played further roles in bigger and smaller productions.

The actress proved her athletic talent in her 2015 film Bronze. As a gymnast, she won an Olympic bronze medal and became a heroine for the American people for a few moments. In her private life, too, the American is said to have a soft spot for bronze. Noble bronze statues decorate her house. The online shop for bronze statues proves that this high-quality form of decoration need not be expensive. Accessories made of bronze are available in various forms and for every purse.

A tragic event
The actress embodies tragedies not only on the screen. While she became a mother twice in the series The Big Bang Theory, she was not granted this gift in real life.

At the birth of her only child so far in 2017, Rauch announced that this was a dangerous high-risk pregnancy. Only a few years earlier, she had suffered a traumatic miscarriage. She herself described this event as the worst moment of her life. Her fans were all the happier when she gave birth to a healthy girl. Not on the big screen, but privately in her immediate family circle.

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