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lyrics for the big bang theory tv show

Melissa Rauch now gives birth to courage
By Katja Nauckam 04.05.2020 The Big Bang Theory star Melissa Rauch became a mother for the second time today. For the US magazine Glamour she writes down what it was like for her to be in the delivery room without her husband and what she now gives all pregnant women to take with them.

The great gratitude of a new mother
I am incredibly grateful and overjoyed to announce the birth of our son, Brooks Rauch, whom we have just welcomed into the world and directly into our hearts. His arrival was made possible not least by the heroes on the front line – the nurses and doctors who show up every day to ensure that life goes on regardless of circumstances.
Melissa Rauch, Instagram

With these emotional words the actress today announces the birth of her second child. Melissa Rauch is already the mother of a little two-year-old daughter named Sadie and now gave birth to her little son Brooks. About the very special circumstances of the birth, alone without her husband in the delivery room, she wrote an honest and emotional article for the US magazine Glamour.

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Melissa Rauch also had to go into the delivery room alone
The 39-year-old is so grateful because she brought her son into the world without birth assistance and only with the medical staff. This is how she felt at the moment, like many other mothers who are either not allowed to have a partner with them due to corona hygiene regulations, or are unable to receive birth support from a family member or friends due to contact restrictions. Melissa’s husband had to stay with the two-year-old daughter and family and friends could not come either because of the corona virus.

She writes that she therefore not only had to overcome the fear of giving birth in general, which was special for her because she had already had a miscarriage before her daughter. Now the fear of what it would be like to give birth in a hospital during a pandemic was added to this. Your humorous answer? She stuffed disinfecting wipes into her hospital bag, practiced breathing through the mask and imagined training for a marathon. For her special humor her fans love the lively blonde.

This thought helped Melissa to give birth
Melissa describes in her article how well she understands all women who cannot imagine to go through the whole birth alone and who are therefore enduring great fears. The thought that she is never alone during the whole process has helped her, because her son, whom she carries within her, was her partner at birth. This helped her to get through the birth as well as possible.

I have a partner. The same one who’s been listening to my heartbeat for nine months. (…) I was comforted by the thought that this would be our first adventure together. So I tried my best to hold on to it as I said goodbye to my husband and daughter, and went to the hospital, masked, somewhat clumsily balancing my bags and the birth ball (…)

Although her husband was present via Face Time during the entire birth, she longed for his physical closeness in between. But in the end, that’s exactly why she felt safe. She would also like to thank the medical staff who were present during the birth and showed her that, despite the difficult situation and special hygiene rules, they would do everything possible to protect the mother and deliver the baby in good health.

Melissa’s advice to all those giving birth: You are not alone.
The actress addresses all those giving birth, knowing that many have the same fears and worries. She would like to tell them that it is perfectly okay to be so worried and angry that one has the misfortune to have to give birth to a child during a pandemic situation. However, one should also be grateful that one is allowed to give life to a being and know that one is stronger than one thinks. Her emotional words will encourage all expectant mothers to manage the birth ahead of them with a competent midwife and team of doctors, perhaps even alone.

You are not alone. All of us “pandemamas”, as I like to call us, are in this together. As I have reminded myself, you can do this, you will do this, and you will do this with the fierceness of all the mighty warriors before you who have brought life – and hope – to this world in the most inscrutable times.

Wonderful words
I would like to recommend Melissa’s words to every pregnant woman who is currently worried about whether she will be allowed to have her birth companion with her during the birth. It is certainly not at all easy to get used to the birth

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