the big bang theory tv show facts

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the big bang theory tv show facts

the big bang theory tv show facts

Dear Kaley Cuoco
Now the time has come, after twelve seasons it finally made bang. Yesterday the last episode of “The Big Bang Theory” was broadcasted in the USA. And I wonder which comedy TV series will now make me laugh in the future and at the same time explain complex processes from physics to me, such as the thought experiment around Schrödinger’s cat. And although your series character Penny was portrayed far too often as a blonde dummy, it was actually her simplified explanation that made me read up on this theory in the field of quantum physics. Thus, “Big Bang” did a lot more than my physics teacher at Gymi. Of course, the role of the wannabe actress and waitress at the Cheesecake Factory is completely overdrawn by clichés, but I just find Penny likeable. This naive yet tough persona with a hilarious sense of humor and common sense has won my heart over the years. It took her to teach Raj to talk to women, help Sheldon with his social behavioral problems and give Leonard more confidence. Penny kept bringing that nerdy scientist-astronaut gang down and holding the group together. And also nice that the character Penny kept evolving and eventually rocked the pharmaceutical industry.

But also off screen I find you very charming. There’s the common vice of shoe addiction, for example – I envy you immensely for your huge wardrobe, although mine is also quite impressive. Then there is also your absolutely radiant, honest laughter, which enchants me again and again. Although I don’t know you personally, you prove time and again in the social media that you have a great sense of humor. For example, your dog has his own Instagram account, which you curate lovingly and with a big wink.

But your dog not only has its own social media presence, it also has a great owner. You are a great animal welfare activist and you are very much in favour of getting your pets out of the shelter, according to the motto “Adopt, don’t shop! For years you have been involved with animal welfare organisations such as Humane Society or Paw Works and have even recorded a song for them. You are a down-to-earth person who – it seems – prefers your home stable with your nine horses in it, 100 times over a red carpet with Hollywood bling-bling. So it was no surprise that you married your second husband Karl Cook, a professional show jumper, in a horse stable.

You always had to defend yourself against critical voices. Because when “The Big Bang Theory” started ten years ago, not everyone believed in the sitcom. With 276 episodes, however, they broke the record for the longest running multi-camera TV series shortly before the end. And as an actress, you’ve also been playing in the highest Hollywood league for a long time and are one of the highest-paid in your industry. You earned the same salary as the main actors in the series, which is unfortunately rare in Hollywood. And you were also committed to ensuring that your two colleagues, Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch, received a better salary. You were also willing to give and, together with the whole cast, waived 100,000 dollars each of your salary. Togetherness – not only talked beautifully, but also really pulled through.

I wish you that the big explosion, the end of “The Big Bang Theory”, is not the end of your great TV career. And that I may see you slip into many more film roles. I’m already very excited about your new mini-series “The Flight Attendant”, in which you will also act as a producer for the first time. I myself am working as a flight attendant for a while, so the first details that came to my attention from the plot have already appealed to me: a flight attendant, a corpse and absolutely no idea what happened. An exciting, though absolutely terrible performance. Of course I will look very closely at this new project – just because of my own experience. But in any case, I am really looking forward to take off with you soon.


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