has the big bang theory tv show been cancelled

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has the big bang theory tv show been cancelled

has the big bang theory tv show been cancelled

After “The Big Bang Theory,” this is how Kaley Cuoco breaks away from the “Penny” image
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After “The Big Bang Theory” is before the image change. At least that’s how “Penny” actress Kaley Cuoco seems to want to start her career after the hit series.

For twelve years Kaley Cuoco played the waitress, wannabe actress and later pharmaceutical sales representative Penny in the series “The Big Bang Theory”. The popular sitcom only ended in 2019, and the very last episode was recently broadcast in Germany as well. But if you just can’t get enough of her, you now have the chance to get hold of the grand finale for 29.99 euros on Blu-ray at Amazon – or maybe put it under someone’s Christmas tree.

Cuoco owes a lot to the series about science nerds and their friends – after all, it made her a superstar. But what’s next? Complicated detective work is not required for the answer, but those who still want to try it can buy the “Cluedo” board game in the “Big Bang” version for currently 26.95 Euros at Amazon. Cuoco already has a few new projects in the pipeline, which make one thing above all clear: The nice girl next door is finished!

Kaley Cuoco: New direction with swear words
The stars of “The Big Bang Theory” have already gotten themselves some new projects, whereby they are certainly reflecting on their strengths: Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik (Sheldon and Amy in the series) will together bring the comedy series “Carla” to the fore. Johnny Galecki (Leonard) has grabbed “Bait and Tackle” and will thus also attack the laugh muscles of the audience. Simon Helberg on the other hand (Howard) will play in the movie “Annette” – a musical. That’s also fitting, after all he already proved his musical talent in “Big Bang” and his former colleagues seem to feel perfectly at home in the comedy business.

Not so Cuoco. She seems to finally want to get rid of her image as a funny blonde. Although there have been isolated attempts before – for example, she starred in the indie drama “Burning Bodhi” in 2015 – comic material clearly dominates her filmography of the last 12 years. But now she is taking a different tone: Her new projects include an animated series about the comic character Harley Quinn, known to many as a Batman antagonist and friend of the Joker. Cuoco has taken on the speaking role of the character, who is up to all sorts of criminal nonsense and doesn’t mince his words. In the recording booth, the star is allowed to curse a lot – a blessing after all these years of family-friendly entertainment.

A thriller with Kaley Cuoco’s sister
And then Cuoco has the series ” The Flight Attendant” in planning. Not only will she co-produce it with her own production company. She will also play the leading role as Cassie, a flight attendant who wakes up one day in the wrong hotel room – next to a dead body. A dark story based on a novel for which several exciting names have already signed, including Michiel Huisman (“Game of Thrones”) and Cuoco’s own sister Briana Cuoco, who according to the trade journal Deadline will also be on board.

Many more films and series are to be made under her production banner Yes, Norman Productions. So let’s keep a note: Busy behind-the-scenes businesswoman, curse parades and a dark thriller series – Penny was yesterday!

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