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After the end of “The Big Bang Theory”: This is what the stars do next
After 12 seasons “The Big Bang Theory” is now also ending on ProSieben. But the stars of the hit sitcom already have the next promising projects in planning. We will tell you what Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco and Co. are currently working on.

CBSFor twelve years, ” The Big Bang Theory” has shaped the TV and sitcom landscape. But after twelve seasons with a total of 279 episodes, it’s time to say goodbye – and now also in Germany. ProSieben is showing the big “Big Bang Theory” finale today, November 25, 2019, as a double episode starting at 8:15 p.m. We have already explained elsewhere how emotional the conclusion was:

So emotionally and surprisingly “The Big Bang Theory” ends

But even if we have to say goodbye to Leonard, Penny and Co. for good, the actors will of course remain with us. And now that their diaries have become emptier again without “The Big Bang Theory”, most of the stars have already snatched up promising new projects – and some even together.

That’s what “Sheldon” Jim Parsons does next

Fan darling Sheldon is the only “Big Bang” character who will continue to accompany us beyond the end of the series – but in his childhood in the spin-off ” Young Sheldon”. This is already running in the USA for the third season (in Germany only two were shown), a fourth one has been ordered. And in the original version, original Sheldon Jim Parsonsal’s narrator is still acting from offstage.

But also in front of the camera we will continue to see Parsons on a regular basis – even if he will show himself from a more serious side in the near future. For one thing, there is the drama ” The Boys In The Band”, in which he will be part of a group of gay men alongside Zachary Quinto and Matt Bomer, whose friendship will be put to the test at a birthday party.

Parsons is also part of the cast of ” Hollywood”, the new Netflix series by “American Horror Story” maker Ryan Murphy, which will illuminate the golden age of the dream factory in the 1940s (start: probably in May 2020).

Apart from that, Parsons is also becoming increasingly active as a producer. In addition to “Young Sheldon” and the long-planned ” The Monarchy Is Going to Sh*t”, he is also one of the brains behind the upcoming comedy series ” Carla”, in which none other than his “Big Bang” series wife Mayim Bialik will play the leading role.

This is what “Leonard” Johnny Galecki will do next

“Leonard” Johnny Galecki has made two excursions to the big screen with “Rings” and “Bailey – A Dog Returns”, but for now remains true to his home screen. So he can currently be seen again as David Healy in the second season of the “Roseanne” offshoot “The Conners”. Whether the sitcom will have a third season is still in the stars.

Galecki is also working on the eSports sitcom “The Squad”, which he will produce together with “The Big Bang Theory” episode writer Anthony Del Broccolo. It is not yet known whether he will also appear in front of the camera.

This is what “Penny” Kaley Cuoco will do next

Meanwhile, Penny actress Kaley Cuocow switches to the animated subject with an exciting role. She will lend her voice to the crazy DC villain and ex-joker lover ” Harley Quinn” in the bloody series of the same name. In the USA, the series will be launched on November 29, 2019 on the DC Universe streaming service. However, nothing is known about a German release yet.

However, Cuoco takes a slightly different tone with the thriller series “The Flight Attendant”, which she created herself. In it she takes on the title role of a flight attendant who suddenly wakes up next to a corpse in a hotel in Dubai and tries to find out what happened.

This is what “Raj” Kunal Nayyar does next

Kunal “Raj” Nayyarwill also prove that he is not only committed to comedy roles. He can be heard again as the naked glitter troll Guy Diamond in the animation adventure ” Trolls 2 – Trolls World Tour” and in the family comedy ” Dogs Best Friend” (about a boy who establishes a telepathic connection with his dog).

In ” Sweetness In The Belly” it becomes dramatic. The main character of the bestselling film adaptation is an English-orphan (Dakota Fanning), who grows up in Africa, but has to flee from there and later on energetically stands up for the help of other refugees.

This is what “Amy” Mayim Bialik does next

After her time as Amy, Mayim Bialik takes on the next TV lead role with the sitcom “Carla”, produced by her and Jim Parsons. In the US remake of the British series “Miranda” she is portrayed as the T

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