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the big bang theory tv series imdb

Pasadena celebrates the 200th episode of “Big Bang Theory” – Surprising confessions from the stars
Pasadena celebrates the 200th episode

Pasadena – Next Thursday the 200th episode of the successful TV series will be broadcast. The city of Pasadena is celebrating it, and the stars are remembering their audition.

Bazinga! Who would have thought that a TV series with four nerds and a blonde would be so successful? On July 11, 2009 “The Big Bang Theory” was broadcast in Germany for the first time, and is now in its ninth season. The tenth has already been commissioned. The 200th episode will be broadcast on Thursday, February 25th.

The city of Pasadena is therefore declaring February 25th as the official “The Big Bang Theory Day”. The celebrations in Los Angeles already took place last weekend. Both the main actors and the producers celebrated the anniversary episode. The leading actors remembered their first casting for the series in the US magazine Varietyan.

Penny still has no idea about science
Jim Parsons (Sheldon) had spent eternities learning the text by heart. Never before had he had to recite so many lines at an audition. Many of the words he didn’t know at all, “and it was difficult to pronounce them”.

Actress Kaley Cuoco (Penny) remembers Parsons. “We were sitting in the waiting room and he said, ‘This Blackberry is a new kind of technology and I’m really insecure.’ I remember thinking this guy was gonna play gorgeous Sheldon. I had a hunch.” Even after nine seasons of The Big Bang Theory, she still has no clue about science: “I haven’t learned a damn thing about science. “I haven’t learned a damn thing about science. Zero.” The stars seem to get along well in private, too, so Kaley Cuoco posted a group photo on Instagram for the 200th episode.

Simon Helberg (Howard) almost didn’t come to the casting for the series because he was actually already scheduled for another format. Still, he went there and honestly, what would “The Big Bang Theory” be without the astronaut in the tight colored pants?

Amy still doesn’t know the first episodes of “The Big Bang Theory”
Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) even reveals that she was unemployed at the time of the audition: “I went to the unemployment office a few days before my audition. Those were very, very dark times for me.” Actress Mayim Bialik didn’t join “The Big Bang Theory” until the third season, but she’s also an integral part of the show. “I had never seen ‘The Big Bang Theory’ before. I knew it was a big deal because my manager told me ‘Go and get the part’. I was super excited to be an actress again. But all I knew about the show was that it was something really big.” She even admitted that she hadn’t seen the first episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” until today.

Kunal Nayyar (Raj) says that every morning he gets a new script is like a Christmas morning for him. “I love reading the script. I am a fan of The Big Bang Theory, and I get to be a part of it. It’s a dream.”


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