facts about the big bang theory not the tv show

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facts about the big bang theory not the tv show

This is how it continues for the stars
All off the couch: the stars of “The Big Bang Theory”. Photo: Warner Bros. Television / obs/ProSieben Life goes on for the actors in “The Big Bang Theory”. But while some plunge into new work, others are waiting for a family break.

What happens to the stars of “The Big Bang Theory” after the hit series comes to an end? At least for Penny actress Kaley Cuoco(33) this question is answered: She will take the leading role in the thriller “The Flight Attendant”. The novel adaptation of the original by Chris Bohjalian (56) will be shown in WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming service. Cuoco is also responsible for the film as a producer.

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The project is part of a big contract with Cuoco, further joint TV projects with Warner Bros. Television will follow. Fans can also look forward to hearing the 33-year-old in a voiceover role: …who will be the voice of the lead character in “Harley Quinn.” The animated series for adults will be broadcast on the DC Universe streaming service. Cuoco should have been provided with this for now. But what about her colleagues?

Johnny Galecki
Leonard actor Johnny Galecki (44) seems to take a break for a while. No wonder: Galecki announced at the beginning of May that he and his girlfriend Alaina Meyer (22) are expecting a child. “We are overjoyed”, Galecki wrote in an Instagram post. Those who can’t get enough of the 44-year-old currently have the opportunity to see him in the film “Bailey – A dog returns”. Galecki also appeared in two episodes of the “Rosanne” spinoff “The Conners”, for which the actor once again slips into the role of David Healy. A second season is scheduled for autumn 2019.

Jim Parsons
It looks a little bit different with the secret star of the series, Sheldon actor Jim Parsons (46). In a recent interview with “Variety” he had declared that “we have wrung out the [‘TBBT’-] material properly”. It had been time for him to do something new. He found a role in the Netflix remake of the play “The Boys in the Band” (German title: “Die Harten und die Zarten”). The movie is directed by Joe Mantello (56) and is currently in preproduction. It should be finished in 2020.

Simon Helberg
This would provide for the three core residents – but what about the permanent guests, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette? Simon Helberg (38) does not seem to have any new projects in the pipeline at the moment. Instead, the Howard actor has bought a 6.9 million dollar (5.9 million euros) house in Las Feliz, a district of Los Angeles.

Melissa smoke
Melissa Rauch (39), who took over the part of the tough microbiologist Bernadette in “TBBT”, however, remains busy. At Meryl Streep’s (70) side she will soon be seen in Steven Soderbergh’s (56) “The Laundromat”. The movie is currently in postproduction and should come to the cinemas in 2019. She also took part in two episodes of the Showtime serial “Black Monday”. She is also currently starring in the indie film “Ode to Joy”.

Mayim Bialik
Mayim Bialik (43), in the series she played the neurobiologist Amy, has a little less work to do. The actress can be heard in a speaker role in “The Inspector Chronicles”. For the “Dr. Who” parody Bialik takes over the part of the time machine B.O.O.T.H. – otherwise nothing is known about new engagements of the actress.

Kunal Nayyar
Kunal Nayyar (38) remains the last in the “TBBT” group. The Rajesh actor with Indian roots actually wants to treat himself to a family time-out. Nayyar told “Parade” magazine: “I will travel to India and spend time with my parents there.” He had left India at the age of 18, so it was important for him to “go home and spend time with mom and dad”.

Nevertheless, Nayyar has three projects in the pipeline. He will appear in the historical drama “Sweetness in the Belly” in 2019, will also return in the animated comedy “Trolls 2” in a narrative role in 2020 and has taken on a role in the comedy “Dogs Best Friend”. All three films are currently in post production.
facts about the big bang theory not the tv show

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