stars of the big bang theory tv show

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stars of the big bang theory tv show

stars of the big bang theory tv show

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Biography of Melissa Rauch
Friendly, affectionate and sometimes a little bit bossy – that’s how we know Bernadette, who meanwhile is the serial wife of Howard Wolowitz( Simon Helberg ). But how does the star of The Big Bang Theory (with Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Mayim Bialik) tick in private? In any case, she is not afraid to talk about often taboo subjects.

The pretty blonde was born in 1980 in Marlboro, New Jersey. She studied acting and was a stand-up comedian on stage. Her breakthrough, however, came with her role in The Big Bang Theory, where she has even been listed as one of the leading actors since the fourth season. She is married to the screenwriter Winston Beigel.

Melissa Rauch in “The Big Bang Theory”
It is the role that made her famous: the role of Dr. Bernadette Maryann Rostenkowski-Wolowitz. Bernadette appears when Penny( Kaley Cuoco) wants to set her up with Howard. He is not too enthusiastic at first, but dares to get closer to her – for fear that he will never meet another woman like her. The two become a couple and have to struggle with Howard’s relationship to his mother again and again.

Bernadette distinguishes herself throughout by her reserved and friendly nature, but can also get angry at times. Then her otherwise rather squeaky voice suddenly gets deeper and reminds of Howard’s bossy mother. Bernadette finally marries her “Howie”, shortly before he flies into space. In the episode “Always on your birthday” the two have a baby. Until the end of TBBT they even have a second baby.

Melissa Rauch and the pregnancy
Most recently, Melissa Rauch was also in real life in connection with her pregnancy. While her serial character Bernadette already gave birth to two healthy children, she herself was insecure for a long time. She spoke openly about something that few people talk about: she had already had a miscarriage and was afraid that it could happen again.

However, she dared to get pregnant again and said in Glamour magazine: “Here is the only statement about my pregnancy that doesn’t make me feel completely cheated: Melissa is expecting her first child. She is very happy, but if she is honest, she is terribly afraid that she will lose the baby because she miscarried during her last pregnancy,” she said in Glamour magazine, adding that “this honesty and openness has earned her much praise, encouraging other women to talk about her experiences. “You are not alone. And it is totally okay if nothing is wrong with you right now,” was her message.

As a happy ending, Melissa Rauch gave birth to a healthy daughter in December 2017. With her fans on Instagram, Melissa shared the joyful news that she had become a mother. “I am more than happy to tell you that our beautiful little girl, Sadie Rauch, has been born and our hearts are bursting with joy. “I will never take for granted the difficult journey that has led here. For those of you who are going through it: …I send you all my love today and forever.

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