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the big bang not the tv show

This is how the love story of Amy and Sheldon began
The first meetingThe first meeting of Amy and Sheldon takes place in the finale of the third season. Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) and Dr. Rajesh “Raj” Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar) have been searching for a woman for Sheldon through an online dating site and have come across Amy. The two friends get Sheldon to agree to meet Amy because they claim to have a dirty sock hidden in his apartment. To everyone’s surprise, the first meeting is surprisingly harmonious as they share many views, for example on religion. Raj and Howard are horrified by what they have done.

The First DatePenny (Kaley Cuoco) is involved in Amy and Sheldon’s first date. Sheldon had a plan to conceive a child with Amy through in vitro fertilization and use Penny as a surrogate. She is horrified and instead suggests a first date. Since Sheldon can’t drive, Penny has to go. However, the date doesn’t go very well because Amy and Sheldon can’t have a normal conversation. Instead, Sheldon focuses on Penny and calculates her previous date and sex partners.

The first body contactAmy makes a move in the middle of season four in terms of body contact. At a girls’ night out with Penny and Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz (Melissa Rauch), she meets Penny’s ex-boyfriend Zack and makes only one sound in his presence. The subsequent analysis with Sheldon reveals that she is sexually attracted to him. The attempt to couple Amy and Zack fails, so on the way home Amy takes Sheldon’s hand. When Sheldon asks what this is all about, Amy replies that it’s an experiment. However, it is not a positive outcome because she lets go of his hand shortly thereafter.

The First KissThe first kiss between Amy and Sheldon is in episode 21 of season four. After a few drinks in a bar and some exuberant dancing, Sheldon brings the drunk Amy home. After a conversation on the sofa, she finally leans over to him and kisses him on the mouth, only to get up immediately and throw up in the bathroom. Later, they agree to simply forget the entire incident.

Amy becomes Sheldon’s girlfriendIn the fifth season, Amy is suddenly courted by Stuart (Kevin Sussman). A fact that by no means leaves Sheldon cold. On the contrary: He gets jealous, interferes with Amy and Stuart’s date and finally admits his feelings for Amy. Sheldon asks Amy to be his girlfriend and hands her a 31-page relationship agreement. Amy is blown away and the two are now officially a couple.

The tiaraAnother highlight of their relationship: Sheldon gives Amy a tiara! What happened? A research paper Amy’s doing is being published in a scientific journal. But Sheldon does not acknowledge this news at all, which causes Amy to leave her date immediately. To make up for his behavior, he gets her a tiara, which Amy accepts enthusiastically. She puts it on, kisses and hugs Sheldon, who is left totally confused.

The slap on the PoAmy has the flu in season six and Sheldon reluctantly takes on his girlfriend. Amy enjoys his care so much that she continues to play sick even though she’s already well. When her Sheldon finds out, he “punishes” his girlfriend. Amy, however, is anything but offended when Sheldon puts her over his knee and slaps her around a bit.

I kissed a girl and I liked itValentine’s Day in the world of The Big Bang Theory. Amy and Sheldon go on a double date with Howard and Bernadette in the seventh season: a romantic dinner in one go. It was the only way Amy could even get train-crazy Sheldon to go on a date. And he acts anything but gentlemanly. He’s more interested in the train than Amy. An argument ensues in which Sheldon suddenly kisses Amy. But to his surprise, he likes the kiss! This is the first time Sheldon has initiated physical contact with Amy.

The Love ConfessionOn the eighth season, a prom night is coming up: All the protagonists get dressed up and look forward to a nice evening on the roof of their house. But Sheldon panics when he sees Amy in her beautiful dress and flees to his room. Amy can solve his panic attack, because she assures him that she just wanted to spend a nice evening with him, without any ulterior motives of sex. When Amy starts to tell him something, Sheldon surprisingly says, “I love you, too!” Amy is completely overwhelmed and then has a panic attack of her own.

The breakup and the ringThe eighth season ends with a bang! On her

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