physics in the big bang theory tv show

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physics in the big bang theory tv show

physics in the big bang theory tv show

“The Big Bang Theory”: This is why Sandra Bullock would have been better than Buffy!
Attention, spoilers for the finale of “The Big Bang Theory”!

The American fans have already said goodbye to “The Big Bang Theory”, because the very last episode of the popular sitcom about the well-known nerds was shown on May 16, 2019 – and in front of the TV sets at home, the handkerchiefs were piled up like the stars. In the final episode a lot happened again, including a surprising guest appearance. However, I think that another star would have been much more suitable for the specific moment. And regardless of whether that was realistic at all, I will still be allowed to dream a little.

Sarah Michelle Gellar in the last episode
As we reported earlier, Sheldon ( Jim Parsons ) and Amy ( Mayim Bialik ) win the Nobel Prize in Physics and are subsequently invited to Stockholm for the ceremony. All their friends are also there and on the flight to Sweden Raj ( Kunal Nayyar ) notices that Sarah Michelle Gellarmit is on the plane. As you know, she played the title character in “Buffy – Under the Spell of Demons”, the series that is still extremely popular with many people today – especially with the nerds. In the end it turns out that Raj appears at the award ceremony accompanied by Michelle Gellar, emphasizing that it wouldn’t be a date. Sarah Michelle Gellar in her role on “Buffy – Under the Demon’s Spell”

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The appearance of the “Buffy” star on “The Big Bang Theory” makes a lot of sense in itself:The series is an integral part of nerd and pop culture and is also mentioned a few times in the sitcom. In the 21st episode of the sixth season of “Ending Problems” Leonard ( Johnny Galecki) even tries to convince Penny ( Kaley Cuoco) of that – more advertising is almost impossible. And since “TBBT” has often seen big stars make one or even several guest appearances, it was only natural that they would invite an additional celebrity for the grand finale as well. my wish: Raj meets Sandra Bullock
And yet I’m just unhappy that Raj ends up “just” sitting next to Gellar and it’s not even a date. Followers of the series know that the astrophysicist has always been unlucky in love and just couldn’t find his luck. Although at the beginning of the last season it looked like he would enter into an arranged marriage with Anu (Rati Gupta) – which I also would not have been happy about – this plot line was also inexplicably dropped. In the end, Raj is left alone again, without love.

Sure, behind the scenes it probably wouldn’t have worked out at all, if you even tried, but: Wouldn’t it at least have been great if Raj had met Sandra Bullock in the end? “Buffy” or not, this is about him! And in “Big Bang” he has already made it clear several times that he literally idolizes the actress – in the third episode of the twelfth season “The Indian Marriage Questionnaire” he even tells Anu that he has always been looking for a woman who is like Bullock! You can watch this again in the following clip:

So Sandra Bullock would not only have been the bigger guest star (sorry Buffy), but would have been the perfect dream date for Raj, as he was already such a big fan of her anyway, so in a perfect (fictional) world he would have gone to the award ceremony with her and even have a future with the Oscar winner. But unfortunately this did not happen and will not happen anymore and the only hope is that one day he will find the great love in his world – even if we can’t watch anymore.

The German-language broadcast of the last season of “The Big Bang Theory” is currently still paused and will probably not be continued until autumn 2019 on ProSieben.

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