problems with the big bang theory tv show

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problems with the big bang theory tv show

The Big Bang Theory – Character descriptions: Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon Cooper ( Jim Parsons ) is in ” The Big Bang Theory” an ingenious theoretical physicist with an IQ of 187, who deals with string theory and lives in a flat share with Leonard Hofstadter. His orderly and structured life changes when the chaotic penny becomes his neighbour. In season 3 he meets the also somewhat strange Amy Farrah Fowler, with whom he enters into a relationship in season 5. During this time he also develops the web series “Fun with Flags”. In season 6 he gets the assistant Alex Jensen and in season 7 he finds out that he is not making progress in the field of string theory and changes his field of expertise.

Character description: Sheldon Cooper, Season 1 and 2
Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
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Sheldon Cooper is a brilliant theoretical physicist with an IQ of 187 who works at the Caltech Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California, where he is studying string theory. He’s from Texas, where his mother Mary still lives. He has a brother George Cooper Jr. and a twin sister Missy, who often teased him along with children in the neighborhood because he seemed strange to them. He also felt misunderstood by his parents: his mother, for example, wanted to give him a bicycle as a boy and his father forced him to watch football, although physics was his great passion as a child. His mother claims that even then he wanted to build an atomic power plant or separate isotopes. The sometimes dangerous scientific experiments, which he carried out in his parents’ house, led to his being sent to boarding school. As an 11-year-old he went straight from the fifth grade to college. He received his master’s degree at the University of Texas and at the age of 14 he received the Stanson Award, making him the youngest winner of the award for a long time. One year later he taught at the University of Heidelberg as a guest lecturer. He received his first doctorate at the age of 16, the second followed four years later.

Sheldon is very proud of his achievements to date and his high level of intelligence, and he likes to let his friends and strangers feel this again and again, which does not necessarily make him seem likeable. Especially new roommates are fleeing from him and he is lucky that Leonard Hofstadterauf will apply for a roommate. The two get along because of their same favorite series, films or games. Nevertheless, he quickly gets on the nerves of his new roommate with his attitudes, so that he wants to move out again. But Sheldon saves his new friend from a fatal affair with a spy and a dangerous experiment, in which thanks to Sheldon only the elevator in the house explodes. Leonard decides to stay in there. Through his new roommate, he meets Raj Koothrappali and Howard Wolowitz, who become his best friends.

Within his circle of friends, he is the sensible one, always pointing out how illogical the ideas of others are. Feelings are a waste of time for Sheldon, he also feels uncomfortable when someone shows emotion in his presence. Neither can he begin with social relationships. That’s why he can’t understand what Leonard finds in the new neighbor Penny of all people, and makes it clear to him again and again that he has no chance with the pretty blonde. In spite of everything he tries hard to understand his friends, especially Leonard, and jumps over his shadow every now and then.

Despite his pronounced intelligence, Sheldon has great difficulty understanding the concept of sarcasm and always takes his friends far too seriously when they are just joking. Sheldon also has a pronounced obsessive-compulsive disorder, which sometimes manifests itself in the fact that he chooses the best possible seat in each room and is unable to sit in another seat, eat similar things on the same day, or have disorder around him. However, when someone inquires about the reasons for one of his compulsions, he always has a perfectly rational explanation at hand and is not too bad to explain it in detail to his counterpart.

Sheldon, like his friends, is a big fan of video games like “Halo 3” and “World of Warcraft,” loves comic books and enjoys watching “Battlestar Galactica” and “Doctor Who. He is also a huge Spock fan and therefore also a Leonard Nimoy fan. When Penny gives him a napkin with his signature on it for Christmas, Sheldon even lets himself be carried away to a hug that is, by his standards, a very big hug.

Although Sheldon makes it clear to Leonard that he is not interested in his feelings for Penny, he immediately asks him how his date is going to feel about Penny.

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