the big bang theory tv show synopsis

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the big bang theory tv show synopsis

the big bang theory tv show synopsis

The Big Bang Theory: Incorrect answer from Sheldon Cooper
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You can’t know everything…

Fans of the cult series “The Big Bang Theory” noticed a wrong answer in the role of “Dr. Dr. Sheldon Cooper”, played by Jim Parsons (47).

“The Big Bang Theory”: After the series finale the sitcom still keeps its fans busy
Although the sitcom already had its big series finale in 2019, the series still has many fans. Now they found a wrong answer to a scientific question.

In every episode of the series, the four friends Leonard (Johnny Galecki, 44), Howard (Simon Helberg, 39), Raj (Kunal Nayyar, 38) and Sheldon talk about scientific questions on topics in the fields of physics, mathematics and technology, where the viewers were not always able to really understand everything.

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This fact is not at all bad. After all, the shoptalk of the role characters has contributed to the series’ wit.

“The Big Bang Theory”: Error is in season 8
Now fans have made a mistake in the second episode of the 8th season. Sheldon is supposed to be a professor there, but only his buddy Howard is enrolled.

Jim Parsons (47) became internationally known through his role as “Dr. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper” in the US-American sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”.

Parsons is quickly annoyed by his teacher, because Sheldon naturally asks his student extra difficult questions. Howard, who doesn’t want to take the blame for this, counterattacks.

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So he bombarded his teacher Sheldon with complicated questions on engineering topics.

“The Big Bang Theory”: question adapted in German dubbing
In the English original, Howard asks, “What describes the strength of a material?” Sheldon’s answer is Young’s module, which Howard approves as the correct answer.

On the Internet, several forums now point out that the answer given by Sheldon is wrong.

In the German dubbing, by the way, the error has been corrected. Although Sheldon gives the same answer, the question has been adapted.

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In the German episode, for example, viewers hear: “What describes the relationship between tension and elongation of a solid object?”

Correct answer: “The Young’s module.” This describes the elasticity of a material, also called Young’s modulus. [people]

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