what is the big bang theory tv show rated

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what is the big bang theory tv show rated

The Big Bang Theory – The fabulous world of nerds
Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter, Rajesh “Raj” Koothrappali and Howard Wolowitz are all scientists and live in their own world: comics, computer games, superheroes and costumes, science fiction and, above all, science – that is what makes up their lives. If only there wasn’t Penny, the pretty “girl next door”, turning everything upside down.

The Big Bang Theory is an American comedy series by the producers Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, which has been telling the story of the chaotic lives of the two main characters Sheldon and Leonard since September 2007 in the USA and since July 2009 in Germany.

Sheldon, a theoretical physicist, lives together with his colleague Leonard, an experimental physicist, in a shared flat, where Raj, an astrophysicist, and Howard, a space engineer, who is the only one without a doctorate, often hang around. They all think a lot of themselves, their intelligence and their work, and most of them are really good at it, but on a social level they are hopeless failures, each in his own way.

Sheldon probably has the most trouble “adjusting” to his environment. Because of his above average IQ of 187 and his success in a very short period of time, he tends to be arrogant and arrogant, sees the world only from a logical, theoretical point of view, and has difficulty putting himself in other people’s shoes, which is why he does not understand some “normal” reactions.
This probably includes that he first has to learn to understand things like irony and sarcasm, but also simple jokes.
But that’s not all: it’s very easy to get this highly talented physicist out of his mind; just sit down on “his” place on the sofa, for example, and harmony is over, because this is not just any place, but the “perfect” place in the living room.
And in other respects, too, his life takes place within fixed habits, every sequence of events every day of the week is planned, from the restaurant to the evening program, e.g. Wednesday is “Halo evening”. Sheldon finds it difficult to cope with disturbances of this order, which is why Leonard often finds himself in need of an explanation, especially when it comes to Penny, for whom such behaviour is very strange at first.

Penny is the new neighbor of Sheldon and Leonard and a contrast to the “nerd community”: She is open-minded, very emotional, slightly chaotic and naive, earns her rent as a waitress, but is not very successful in her plans to become an actress. While Sheldon doesn’t seem to be interested in the opposite sex, Leonard very quickly keeps an eye on Penny.

However, he, too, has his problems: His shyness towards women often makes it difficult for him to express himself clearly, so that just like Sheldon, he seems very clumsy and sometimes helpless.
Raj and Wolowitz – as he is usually called – also want to get to know a woman, but this is just as difficult: Raj, the Indian who falls silent in the presence of a woman, can only speak to a female being under the influence of alcohol:
“I wish I had his confidence. I find it so difficult to talk to women. Or when women are around. And occasionally with feminine men.”
Unlike Howard, who overconfidently thinks of himself as a “womanizer” and still lives with his mother.

It’s fascinating, interesting and above all hilarious – two worlds meet and the normal suddenly becomes a mystery.
Quantum physics and string theory are discussed, “Klingon” Scrabble is played or Finnish is simply learned quickly, but when it comes to understanding a “normal” person like Penny, many a physicist is overwhelmed. Raj Koothrappali has also said
“Holy cow, are we nerds!”
What’s special about The Big Bang Theory is not only the ironic and sarcastic comments throughout, but also the scientific correctness in the dialogues.
So if you are looking for variety, good humor and likeable clumsiness and don’t know our Sheldon yet, you should take a look and let yourself be carried away by the amusing theories.

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